Justin Bieber: A Need for Too Much Speed?

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Justin Bieber ran afoul of the law once again last week. Or he drove afoul of it, to be more accurate.

The young singer was pulled over by Los Angeles police on Friday after 10 people called 911 due to his excessive speeding and weaving on the 101 Freeway.

Yes, Bieber was trying to escape the paparazzi - but is that really an excuse for endangering other motorists? The worst case scenario is those (pathetic) photographers simply would have snapped some pictures of the artist.

Justin Bieber on a Segway

Moreover, as TMZ recounts, this is merely Bieber's latest brush with highway patrolmen.

He was cited for going 90 miles per hour in his Range Rover last year… and he was pulled over in October for actually cutting off an officer.

Two months later? Bieber was caught making an illegal left turn. He also once hit a Honda whole driving a Ferrari.

Before you jump to Justin's defense, close your eyes and imagine: What would you be saying if Lindsay Lohan had this driving record?

So... should Justin Bieber have his license suspended?


My beautiful 18 year old daughter was killed by an Indycar fanatic just before her High School graduation in 2005- the young man driving was the BFF of an Indycar driver. The racing industry is currently marketing speed to kids and calling it "STEM" Science, Technology, engineering, and Mathematics,"" all the while, their little boy racers are excused from school for their #Entitlement. The "professionals" should be doing MORE not Less to educate these immature young drivers, who they are marketing the adrenaline rush to. The Professional racing industry currently is exploiting child psychology just because they can..(Fast, Fun, easy and More) Be sure that Justin and his friends will be in line for the "Turbo" movie as they have all embraced Justin. Infantalizing the dangers of reckless abandon needs to stop. Count the roadside memorials and know that each one represents a devastated and broken-hearted family! Make the adults in the professional racing communities accountable and demand that they STOP marketing speed to our young drivers who are "liking" Just Bieber, SPEED KILLS NO EXCUSES! Justin Bieber was just asked to perform at a Formula-one race...


I say yes Justin bieber should. Not drive his car nomore we do not go fast on freeway


LMFAO @ Harry Karry. "It's illegal to use a cell phone while driving". Hey idiot, it's also illegal to speed and put others in danger. Are we just picking and choosing which laws we want to obey now? Lol, please keep commenting!! You claim to not care, but still keep posting! Thanks for always giving me something to laugh at.


No, No , No it is nor possible, according to David Letterman's statement Justin is in interrogation with him on geography public test.


@Harry Karry
there is no law against making emergency calls while driving due to an idiot who repeatedly
makes a fool of himself performing rude and risking crimes . how dare you call innocent people ignorant ? they are the victims and he is a dumbass . they have the right to fear being seriously hurt because of this dumbass . you say “who cares if he's immature ? he's 18 years old� . EXACTLY ! he's fucking 18 , he needs to grow the fuck up . i have a 10 year old sister who'd handle the situation better . he couldn't called the police . if he did nobody would've called the police on his ass ! what if you witnesses a maniac high-speeding on an interstate and almost hits you . you'd call the fucking police too !! wouldn't you ?!? shut the fuck up because you weren't in their position do who are you to judge them ??


Hey, awesomely stupid. There is no innocence, only ignorance to the idea of innocence. Besides the fact that using a cellphone while driving is against the law in California as well as speeding. So those dumb asses get a ticket too. And pay attention I said I don't care, but I think all you slow driving tree hugging star chasers, should move to Utah with the Morons (oops) that's Mormons


Harry karry - Go back and re-read the story. TEN people called about him. TEN innocent people who feared for their safety all because Bieber is afraid of some cameras. If he didn't want the paparazzi to follow him, theres a simple solution: don't be a star. Paparazzi is part of the game when youre a celebrity, everyone knows it. Celebrities want the fame, money and notoriety that come with their status, but dont want to deal with the ONE downside of fame- the photographers. I have no pity for Bieber whatsoever. He knew what he was getting into and I stand by my statement before: if he was that afraid, he should have called the cops instead of playing Mario Andretti and risking innocent peoples lives.


Who cares if he's immature he's 18, and he is only being cornered for this offence because one of the people that called 911 was at one time a Dink cop, and further more the photo stalkers shouldn't be following him. I say just shoot them, and no I don't care about his music or fame,nor the photos, or magazines this app is on my phone and I read it to see just how fu#$'n stupid the people who bicker back & forth about things that don't affect their live despite them wanting it too.


Harry karry
If it wasn't for the apps taking pics for magazines he wouldnt Bertha star today would he!! And. Crap singer at that he is a childish stupid prick


that would be going to drastic measures . that's very uncalled for . and would prove him even more childish . and paparazzi isn't the root of the problem . he wasn't running from paparazzi in ALL those incidents .


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