Amanda Knox Acquittal Overturned; Judge Orders New Trial in Italy

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Italy’s highest court overturned the 2011 acquittal of Amanda Knox on Tuesday, ordering a new trial in the sensational murder case that began in 2007.

The ruling means that the case against Knox and her former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, will be sent back to be reheard at an appeals court in Florence.

Amanda Knox Appeals

The two were convicted of killing Meredith Kercher of Britain in 2007, but fought the charges tooth and nail until winning their release in 2011.

With the decision by the court this week, however, it appears the case is far from over, even as the full implications of the ruling were unclear.

It is not known if Amanda Knox would return voluntarily from the United States or be extradited by Italy, a process that would require major legal steps.

If she does not appear, the case could proceed in her absence.

Knox and Rafalle Sollecito were initially convicted in a trial that divided public opinion. About 18 months ago, an appeals court in Perugia acquitted them.

Monday, prosecutors and defense lawyers basically re-tried the case, meticulously reconstructing the gruesome details of the crime ... again.

Kercher, 21, an exchange student at the University of Perugia, was killed in her bedroom. Her half-naked body was found under a duvet, her throat slit.

Knox, then 20, and Sollecito, then 24, were arrested a few days later and ultimately convicted of murder in December 2009 in a lower court in Perugia.

Both were sentenced to 25 years in prison for the crime; Knox received an extra year for calumny after she falsely accused another man of murder.

When the convictions were overturned on appeal, the two were released 2011.

But in 2012, prosecutors and lawyers for the Kercher family filed an appeal against those acquittals with the Court of Cassation, whose rulings are final.

Knox’s lawyers appealed the calumny charge.

A third man, Rudy Guede, an Ivorian residing in Perugia, was tried separately and sentenced to 16 years. The Court of Cassation upheld his conviction.

Media appetite for the case was unquenchable as it wound its way through the Italy court system, in part because of the particulars laid out during the trial.

Prosecutors initially conjectured that the murder was the result of a satanic sex frenzy gone wrong, or that Knox and Sollecito were under the influence.

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noone actually knows if she is innocent or guilty. personally her behaviour is very suspicious If she hasn;t got aspergers syndrome which would explain her odd behaviour then i feel she is guilty. if u are innocent there is no need to frame someone for the murder which is the first thing she thought of. if guilty she should go back to italy serve the rest of her sentence. but no doubt america will quote the double jeperdy law and it wont happen. ny way why does everyone keep siting oh its because she american" how about taking some responsibility for own actions at the very least she should be in trouble for framing that poor guy. and how about u ppl on this site remembering the actual victim meridith kertcher. rip xx

@ summer

Knox did NOT "frame someone". One of the 12 detectives who participated in her 53-hour-long 5-day interrogation told her to IMAGINE her boss committing the crime. She complied after being cuffed on the back of the head. That became Amanda's "confession". She recanted in writing as soon as the ordeal was over, but the police ignored her letter and ignored evidence exonerating her boss. The prosecutor disregarded evidence that failed to fit his own lurid fantasy, and the tabloid media ran with the fantasy. Kercher and Knox are BOTH victims here, and Kercher's family has been strung along by their lawyers.


Oh my god, give poor Amanda and Rafael a break. She was freed and back to US with her family. Now Italy want a retrail. I mean once a verdict is reached, it's reached and they can't recant it (I guess unless there is excellent new evidence?). Well, that's how it is pretty much all over most countries? Either way, Amanda is trying to make a new life, even under the scrutinary of the public prying eyes and whatever thoughts etc... and then the press, photographers etc haunting her when they feel the need. Rudy is the culprit. I feel that he may have had not have committed the crime alone, bearing in mind, he would have plenty friends/contacts etc, and not necessary the best of ones at that. So if Rudy did not commit the crime on Kercher alone, then I feel it wasn't Amanda and Rafael helping or involved. God, the media and the courts should leave these two alone, to move on with their lives,,, the true, real culprit is behind bars where he should be. Whether or not anyone else (not Amanda and Rafael) will be finally found, a suspect or arrested will always remain to be seen so to speak. Come on people, just because they lived in the same apartment/housing doesn't mean they had any involvement along with Rudy in the so called sex game/murder gone wrong. While Amanda and Rafael are in my opinion NOT GUILTY I think all the authorities, expenses, counsellers, judges, the public, new jurors should put all their efforts if not more, into Casey Anthony and the murder of her daughter, which I feel that SHE (CASEY) DEFINATELY MURDERED HER DAUGHTER. I mean hey, I am just a member of the public in another country having my opinion noted or blogged (?), I no expert, not a lawyer etc etc, but if the lovely Caylee drowned in the darn pool (which should have had complete safety fencing around) then why would whoever have duct tape over her mouth and even gone to furthermore to put the heart sticker over it! Doesn't add up in my thoughts. God, if she drowned in Caseys' parent's pool, whether in Caseys care alone, or there with her whole family as well, surely any member, especially Casey, would have straight away tried CPR, phoned 911, got the ambulance and other authorities out to assess little Caylee etc. And especially when George use to be in the Police he would have known what to do if/when Caylee had of drowned. Instead George (if he did) helped Casey cover it up, bury her elsewhere. etc. And the trouble of the duct tape, sleep powder residue, internet searches on how to kill in different ways, (HELLO) and then the decomposing odor, and other important things found in the trunk of the vehicle found, should be plenty for Casey to have a retrial, as I read that new evidence has surfaced.???? If it was a drowning and George was home, then he clearly (as an ex policeman) didn't do anything right, along with Casey, if home or not. So personally I feel that Caylee didn't drown, instead murdered or manslaughter. Of course there are so many gaps, lies, stories (changed, blah blah) that it's confused so many people along with the authories, lawyers etc to the point that noone knows whats "arthur, or marther" lol. Well, everyone, it's time to move on, maybe both cases never to be forgotten due such high status's etc. But move on and I am sure other high priroty cases will come along for the public, press etc etc, to devour. lol. phew.

@ Joanne Rawles

"give poor Amanda and Rafael a break" -- No thanks! What Amanda Knox asks for is JUSTICE. Justice means looking at EVIDENCE and deciding guilt and innocence on that basis. There IS NO evidence implicating Knox, and she was declared INNOCENT in the previous trial. I thought we had moved beyond the days of "The Scarlet Letter".

Luci campbell
@ R.W. Emerson II

You are assuming everyone is gelous (excuse my bad spelling) of amanda, while i think she is pretty, thats as far as it go's I dont want to be her. thats the same with any girl that u find that is pretty. The facts and inconsistances still remain I can only speak for myself in saying that I would NOT think she is guilty. if it wasn't for these facts that u cant get by or explain.


How I wish we could overturn murder cases in this country. That way new evidence could be introduced to allow the free guilty to pay their price to society. Double Jeopardy is the most stupid law this country has. An acquitted man can say, "Yep, I did it." and show the world the videotape and there isn't a damned thing that can be done about it.


Noxious Knox is guilty. Throw her back in the slammer.

@ Tawny Jones

DORK... maybe you should go there. You obviously not open minded. lol

@ Tawny Jones

How do you know?...were you there?


This is the 2013 edition of the Salem Witch Trials:
* disreputable prosecutor coercing evidence to fit his own lurid fantasy, //
* tabloid media spinning satanic tale, //
* 53-hour-long inquisition culminating in fake "confession" //
* "confession" immediately recanted. // ALL of the evidence points to Rudy Guede, a drifter with a record of burglaries. Guede was given 16 years off his sentence for playing along with the prosecutor's wet dream.

@ R.W. Emerson II

Yes I was there, under the bed?


What a joke!!


The same laws here doesn't apply in other countries. They probably don't have a Double Jeopardy law. That is why you need to know the laws of other countries before you go there.


When are Americans going to learn? The rest of the world hates Americans!!


WOW something is wrong with the Italian court system that they would do this. I wouldn't go back there. That is Double Jeopardy NOT GOOD, Maybe it is time for our President to intervene it would give him something to do with his time. LOL


I think this is horrible. If she did this she will suffer forever in her own mind but to be able to kverturn a verdict is wrong. In the US, that is illegal. You would never be able to live your life wondering if a new court is going to overturn. As much as sometimes I wish we could retry people, bcuz those who are innocent, woukd never be able to live in peace wondering day to day if tey are going to try them again. Double jeopardy. Apparently Italy doesnt care.

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