Will Smith: Django Unchained Wasn't For Me Because...

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It was one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood:

Will Smith was initially offered the title role in Django Unchained, only to turn it down and see the part eventually go to Jamie Foxx.

Now, for the first time, Smith has explained his reasoning for rejecting the movie - and he makes him sound like an egotistical A-hole.

Will Smith Smiles

“Django wasn’t the lead, so it was like, I need to be the lead," Smith tells EW. "The other character was the lead!”

That other character was played by Christoph Waltz, of course, who ironically went on to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Smith says he pleaded with Quentin Tarantino to let him "kill the bad guy" in the film, but the writer/director stuck with the original plot.

To his credit, we suppose, Smith does say Django Unchained was "brilliant" and concludes it just wasn't for him.

But perhaps it could have been if he was more interested in the art of acting than the ego stroking of top billing.