Adrienne Maloof: Brandi Glanville is Why I Quit

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Adrienne Maloof’s refusal to attend The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special, and to quit the show altogether, can be summed up in two words:

Brandi Glanville.

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  • Brandi Smile

“The final straw was Brandi bringing up my children. She got her kicks out of trying to humiliate me,” she told Us Weekly of her decision to walk.

“I made it very clear [to producers] from episode one that I wouldn’t do the series if my kids were involved in any way,” she said about her outrage.

Bravo exec Andy Cohen was less than pleased, saying on the reunion show: “Adrienne Maloof’s final act as a Housewife was NOT showing up tonight.”

She says she was approached, and explained her side.

“I said I couldn’t. And what was I going to do at the reunion? Sit there and say, ‘Can’t talk. Under gag order?’ It would have been very boring. I believe Andy gets it.”

Maloof recalls telling Andy Cohen, “I’m so upset with [Brandi Glanville], I don’t know what I’ll say. Knowing I was leaving, I wanted to leave with dignity.”


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So what the hec us dfdriannes secret then plz someone tell me???


Brandi Glanville has no place in the polite society. Why is she on this show? Is it because she's too old and not-Italian enough to be on the Jersey shore? I think she would fit in much better with the crew there, not the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is such a loud, immature, obnoxious person who doesn't understand how things work in a society where people actually try to watch their mouth to avoid putting their and their genuine friends' business in jeopardy. And shame on her for not realizing that she's a trashy mouthpiece selfish alpha females with real money and status use to get their ways. She was introduced to the show to be Adrienne's mouth piece but with time became Lisa's. Where's her self-respect? Perhaps she's power hungry and is also using these alpha females to climb up the social ladder knowing that she's being exploited as a mouthpiece. Actually I think she is indeed power hungry you can tell by the way she shows how she's so jealous of Adrienne's money, success and status. Such an all around ugly character she is. I want to have sympathy for her for the horrible divorce she had to go through. But her "character assassination" of herself makes me have zero tolerance for her. (I'm actually at a point whenever I watch the show, I find myself skipping the part where she starts speaking). I would rather watch the Jersey Shore than watching that lousy, dramatic woman speaking. She needs to leave the show. I see that she has some fans there who obviously are watching the show with so much jealousy for the rich ladies' money and plastic surgeries and are so happy when Glanville starts opening her loud mouth and puts them down. I honestly hope Glanville gets a spin off and leave this show with her fans. I wish her success but she needs this leave this show. She has no place here.


One thing I'll tell you girls from very many other girls in Norway, you act like you dollete, self-absorbed, vain, quarrelsome, ridiculous ...... teenage girls. You do not think about anything other than appearance, lunches, parties, gossip, money, status ... I could go with a bunch more adjectives, but stops there. Where is their intelligence? Do you just cardboard on the top floor? The person who probably has the most intelligence is Lisa. Maybe because she is European! Begin and think about how other people with much less money than you have, rather than just being concerned with botox and fillers etc. Never experienced worse gossips in my entire life! This perception is very numerous here in the Nordic countries that have. there is still time to change, especially Kim and Kyle, for they are both some evil witches.


I don't normally feel compelled to input my thoughts on this subject, don't even watch tv so much, however was drawn to watch Brandi & could see straight thru this girl, she's tough on the outside but I bet everything on it she'll melt like butter on the inside if u do right by her. Most people don't like straight forward people coz they will pull u up on ur shit. Which is EXACTLY what Brandi does, fake liying people can't cope... That's what Adrianne has herself to blame. If I read the real story people should take into fact Brandi is not the girl to start a fight 4 the sake of a fight. She was clearly on fighting back coz Maloofy took the first punch & tried to discredit Brandi as a mother. I totally get her & I too would expose Adrianne for her lies. Fight fire with fire. Brandi is a smart girl who has been burnt & has her back up even more coz her sorry ass husband did her wrong. I guarantee if he had the balls to be honest with her about everything she would never of had to disrespect him or is white Asian looking wife. Give this girl a break & if you want to know the truth, be nice to girls like Brandi & don't play with fire if you don't want to get burned. Team Brandi all the way!!!




I like Taylor and Kim the drunks and drugies, they tell the the truth, and forget about trying to be perfect, like ass kissing Camille, she try so hard to be perfect until she is truly truly boring, unless she step up her game you can get rid of her.


I think Brandi is worthless and a waste of time on RHOBH. Get her off, she is nothing and offers nothing to the show. I love Adrienne, and I wish her well in all that she does. She has class, and that is why she refused to come on the Reunion. Brandi talks trash and stirs up trouble. She is nothing without Lisa and Ken by her side. And enough with the flirting with Ken, it is degrading.


Would someone please tell me the secret that Brandi
Said a out Adrienne???


Adrienne, come on, really? Brandi made you leave? Really? Brandi told the world your fucking secrets, really? Guess what, bitch, it was you and only you that destroy the shit in your life, it was you that lie, YOU YOU YOU, you are a fucking liar, by not telling your kids the truth will only hinder them in the future, but you know this and still continue to tell lies lies lies over and over again, you are definitely a witch. You blame others for your shit, everyone else lies except for you, how is that? Sorry, are we the viewers stupid, did we miss something? I don't think so, I am smart I'm 49 yrs old and I do know the meaning of lies and truths, and trust me you were telling so many lies to everyone, but you blame Brandi, what a worthless piece of shit you are and then you got nerve to set up Lisa on last year reunion and try to bring everyone on board to your shit, and we see Kyle up your ass, as well as Taylor Camille Kim all up your ass, of course Kyle will be up your ass because she is doing it for her pussy husband Mauricio, the motherfucker that treated Brandi like shit, the one that thinks he is the voice of reason, he is a fucking coward, he is a pussy, how dare he talk to a woman like that, he is a worthless piece of shit, with all the fucking domestic abuse, Kyle lets her husband talk to a woman like that, he is nothing but a fucking piece of shit, he is worth nothing, he is not a man he is shit. Adrienne, trust me you are totally a piece of shit, you are a liar, stop blaming Brandi for your shit, grow the fuck up you old piece of hag.

@ Tainoyosoyboricua

LMFAO!!! You brought me to tears and good thing I went to the bathroom BEFORE I read this. That comment is exactly worded ver batim how I feel. ASSDRIENNE, Vyle, Coked up Kim, Trout Taylor(or whatever her name is this week), Lemming Camille and that fuckin' whorefoot Fayke do not deserve ANY kind words or thoughts from anyone with an IQ over 80 points.


You all are just as ridiculous as the show. They are all actress want to be's and this is the closest thing to being one for all of them.


sorry, but all are not actresses, the only two that has stint on tv are Kyle and Kim Richards, Kim was first to be on TV. The rest of the women came on the show first time of TV exposure. But hey, you sound jealous of these women, tell you what? Don't watch the show...