The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Recap: The Claws Come Out

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Bravo took us right from the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale to the reunion show last night, and one Housewife was glaringly absent.

We break down who bailed and who had the best fake out in THG's +/- recap ...

Is It Over?

The Housewives hit Andy's couch so that must mean the season is over. But one Housewife didn't show.

Adrienne Maloof bailed and not just on the reunion show but on the entire series. Minus 15. Too bad her final act as a Housewife was to no-show.

I suppose it all became too much for her but Lisa was right. You don't join a reality TV show if you have skeletons you don't want exposed.  Fame comes at a price and it's one Ms. Maloof seems unwilling to pay.  

Minus 30 because the viewers are still the last to know what the big secret is and that's nothing but frustrating.  What good is reality TV if we can't dish the dirt?

But on to the Housewives who did show up. Taylor's looking as botoxed as ever. Did she borrow those lips from Daffy or Donald? Minus 12. She's looking more ridiculous every season.

At least Taylor's in love…with a married man…who lives in Colorado.  What could go wrong here?

Adrienne may be out but Brandi is definitely in and she's more than willing to say whatever's on her mind but I'm guessing we'll have more fun with that in part 2 than we did tonight.

Best fake out of the night went to Andy. Plus 45 for perpetrating the rumor that Leann Rimes was the latest Housewife and then pretending she was about to be presented.  Very funny.

Kyle and Lisa go at it once again. Minus 18 because this fight gets more boring every time I have to listen to it. Kyle feels that Lisa's cut her off and Lisa believe Kyle never has her back.

It's time to go to your separate corners and move on.

Just when I expected everyone to pile on Brandi, it was Yolanda who was under attack.

First we see footage of Taylor saying that she feels like Yolanda thinks she's better than her.  Plus 10. Um…that's because she is.

Yolanda admits she never watched an episode of the show before she signed on.  Minus 15. Oh honey, that was just dumb. Information is power. Never turn it down.

Then Kim goes after Yolanda over their supposed juice cleanse date. Only in Beverly Hills do women make a date to do a group cleanse. Minus 11. It makes me glad I don't live there.

But the dates were made through production people, not directly between Kim and Yolanda. Problem solved… sort of.

The funny part about Yolanda is that she can be just as direct as Brandi, she just says it more politely and with an accent. Plus 15.

Yolanda and Kyle bicker over their definitions of friendship. Let's face it. This is a reality show. Does anyone really expect these two to become best buddies?

There's lots of sniping about who came to whose parties and then Kyle throws Yolanda under the bus for calling out Lisa in Paris.

To be honest I only remember Yolanda saying it was wrong of Lisa to continually talk about Kim, especially while Kim was sitting right there.  I don't recall her really tearing Lisa apart.

Minus 20 because Bravo didn't show any of the footage to back it up.

Andy claimed there's more to life than dinner parties and suing friends in Beverly HIlls.   Yeah, there's too much drinking and a lot of back stabbing too.

The claws have definitely came out on the sofa. Can't wait to see who else gets scratched in part 2.



I am team Brandi! She is awsome!
Just because she is from a trailer park makes her more remarkable, she married a handsome Hollywood actor and had 2 beautiful little boys. The real trailer trash wrecked her home!


I wish that Douche Bag Brandi would get stomped on by a camel....Lisa knows how to pick BFF's. Brandi, Yolanda who went from not wanting to get involved to being the high and mighty bitch she is and Stassi the tramp and trouble maker at her restaurant. Wish Brandi would never ever come back again....Maybe Taylor Swift can write that song.....

@ critic

I totally agree, Brandi is a hood rat with no hood rat class.


Oh my gosh can The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills producers take Brandy out. She is so annoying and dumb. I feel bad for her children having a mother like that. No wonder why her ex got rid of her. She's so annoying. Her explanations for her wrong doings are complete bull. So over rated. Please take her out. She's irrelevant to what a Beverly Housewife should be. She's just trash.


Brandi should be gossip columnist, she will tell all!! She will cut a bi__! What a classy lady. I dont think i will be watching next season. It's sad to see all these friendship ending.


Kyle is such a pathetic liar. What really was funny was Kim standing up for Kyle and borrowing Kyle's 'memory' of what happened in Paris. We know Kim sure as hell didn't remember anything; she was too spaced out the entire trip. That skank was totally wasted. Team Lisa, Yolanda and Brandi all the way. Faye, oh Faye. What a horrible piece of trash Faye is. I really think when she talks about Brandi sleeping with every man every where she is really projecting. Faye is the used piece of a$$ that has been passed around from man to man. God that tranny is ugly.

@ connie

Connie, you hit the nail on the head! Kyle Richards is a habitual liar, Kim is a dope head, Adrienne's spray on tan is more intelligent than her and Camille is just sad none of those four are even aware of a premise called loyalty. Faye... What to say about the most morally corrupt piece of garbage on earth. The fact that Kyle is her BFF says everything we need to know about Kyle. Lisa, Yolanda and Brandi are incredible. Brandi will learn in time to be more diplomatic when she speaks but the fact is, all three of these women are loyal, intelligent and gorgeous. It's no wonder like is so jealous she can't even see straight. comment. I can't respect anyone who stands around while another person is bring torn apart- the way Kyle and Kim did Brandi- yet say nothing for so long. The only women worth their salt are Lisa Yolanda and Brandi. Everyone else needs to get lost.

@ Kinsey

Meant to say "Kyle" is so jealous...not like. Dang auto correct!


I cannot stand Brandi and Yolanda is a bully - she incited Brandi to go Marisa in a two-on-one situation.I like Faye and don't understand the backlash against her. She calls Brandi out on her feral behaviour ( because no one else will) and supports her friends and people she thinks are being bullied (and indeed are eg Marisa). Lisa can't handle the truth ( that she puts up with feral-face and her annoying comments about Ken being her boyfriend - groan) because she is her mouthpiece. Brandi is keeping sweet with Lisa so she gas an ally on the show which helps her longevity on it. Taylor is crae-crae and playing her own game to stay on the show ( eg saying sorry to everyone through gritted teeth).


"Wow. I watch this to prepare myself of the people and problems to avoid as I get older. I'm team Yolanda, Lisa & Brandi, allll the way. The truth is the truth! The only problems that seem to come about, are when people try to get involved with situations they know nothing about. Then when asked about it, it's always an insulting excuse of an action that's just been mirrored. Big ups to these women who still stand for what's real and aren't holding back on calling the fake out. If you said it, did it or are claiming it..... make sure you are able to admit it when you're confronted and if its not about you or. your situation.... mind you're own business.

@ staceynutz32

The truth may be the truth, but sometimes keeping our mouths shut and not blabbing stuff all over the place is better...would you like your bff's to spread your secrets all over the place? I don't think so...


Brandi, is the most discusting peice of trash. What trailer park did she come from?? Send her back. Please, I can't stand to watch, I only watch renioun shows. Get her off


I wish they wod ban the bitch FAYE!!! I can not stand that bitch!! She's the one that keeps stirring the pot and accusing people of different things she knows nothing about. She is always blaming Brandi for stuff and half of it is what Faye makes up!! I wanted to kick her ass so bad on the finale last night!! Faye talks out if her ass she makes up these horrible rumors and just blurts them out.


Did the woman in the back ground have permission to record that scene on her phone. Just sayin!!!!!

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