Reeva Steenkamp Hid From Oscar Pistorius, Was Shot Through Bathroom Door, Report Claims

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Reeva Steenkamp, Oscar Pistorius' slain girlfriend, spent her final minutes hiding behind a bathroom door before he shot her to death, a new report alleges.

The South African double-amputee Olympic sprinter pumped four bullets through the door and into the helpless blond beauty, a neighbor has claimed.

Reeva Steenkamp Picture

Details of their Valentine’s Day fight, after which Oscar Pistorius was charged with murder, began to emerge as police piece together what happened.

Or what they believe happened. Pistorius' family, while offering prayers for Reeva Steenkamp, say they "strongly dispute" the alleged murder charge.

In any event, the gorgeous model was found dead two hours after police were called to Pistorius’ upscale home over a loud fight involving the couple.

Steenkamp reportedly fled in fear to the bathroom in her boyfriend’s house before she was shot through the closed door with a 9-mm. handgun.

She was struck in the head, chest, pelvis and hand, local media reports say.

Security guards in Pistorius’ gated Pretoria community found him sitting alongside the bloody body in the bathroom with the four bullet holes obvious in the door.

The pair were alone in the house at the time of the killing; there were no eyewitness accounts. The suspected murder weapon was recovered at the scene.

Prosecutors, in a stunning move, announced the six-time Paralympic gold medalist faced charges of premeditated murder in the predawn shooting.

Pistorius wept in court but did not enter a plea; he remains in custody.

Steenkamp and the Olympian began dating about four months ago.

The shooting reverberated across South Africa, where Pistorius is a national hero, and the world, where he was a symbol of courage and determination.

An ex-girlfriend of Pistorius took to Twitter to defend the 26-year-old sprinter-turned-suspect, insisting he had no history of violence toward women.

“I would just like to say, I have dated Oscar on/off for 5 YEARS, NOT ONCE has he EVER lifted a finger to me, made me fear for my life,” said Jenna Edkins.

His former girlfriend added: “All I am saying is let him speak, let his side be heard without jumping to conclusions. Love and thoughts to Reeva’s family.”

However, another former ex called Pistorius a “player" and "certainly not what people think he is." Samantha Taylor said he had “way with women.”

Taylor’s father also weighed in on Pistorius’ dark side.

“I have no sympathy for Oscar. I am just glad that my daughter is safe and that she got out of the relationship in time,” Henry Taylor was quoted as saying.


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Truly, a past background tells a lot about someone.


As more information becomes available Oscar's burglar story appears implausable. The argument seems pretty solid evidence. I'm concerned however that Oscar couldn't possibly have forgotten security coming to the house over the argument, then kill her in some kind of rage and then invent such a story. A person would have to be a complete IDIOT to think that burglar story wouldn't be the final nail of condemnation! On the other hand...what if the allegation of an argument was a fabrication? How reliable was this security person? Corruption is a problem everywhere but especially in places like SA and Brazil. Cops in Los Angeles just intentionally burned to death a fellow officer who made allegations against the department. (And killed a few of em) But it's clear they made no effort to apprehend him. That much is clear by the shooting of the news delivery girls by LA cops for driving a similar truck. How can we be sure of this South African case in such circumstances? Was Oscar's fame to much for authorities or perhaps the security guard who reported the argument was jealous in taking part in the burglary? A lot of serious possibilities I think. Guess that why we shouldn't try and convict people by use of the media. We should have reliable courts to do that business. UNFORTUNATELY, we can't trust the corruption of the court systems anymore either. Smmfh.

@ tripps

Additionally, keep in mind,prosecutors and cops now•a•days tend to jump to the most conveinent conclusions irregardless of othr possible explanations or possibilities or even probabilities. They simply refuse to investigate these things. Sometimes, more often than you would probably believe, its more "cost effective" to suppress evidence (like murdering th witness with fire) or just fabricate what evidence they want (like an alleged argument) Also consider the political angle. The prosecutor who convict Oscar is headed into the fame, power and fortune catagories(as well as the arresting officers) Who of these cops or prosecutors isn't power hungry? The reason they choose the professions is for POWER. Stepping on a famous natonal hero regardless of the truth is a definite short cut. We can't trust these people. We can't trust a media that is nothing but a do•boy for power hungry people either. WAKE UP PEOPLE!


The fact that one ex says NAY and one says YAY proves how differently people behave with different people. Sadly, he must have really lost it with Reeva, poor thing.


I hate to say it but, he doesn't have a leg to stand on!!

@ CC

Imagine Meetin someone 4 months ago and you are now dead. How scary is that,


Her Skull was crushed, they found bloody bat, he SHOT her 4444444444 times, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!


What a sad, sad story ! The SA superior court must punish the criminal who murdered this beautiful woman and he just cannot take someone's life with a blink of an eye ! Justice must be done !!!!
My sincere condolences to Reeva's family.


I just think this guy is a smilling serial killer.Nd what was he doing with a cricket bat?


Pistorius is a cannibal not human, as many


We choose to live in high security complexes. I know that u have to call ahead to enter. Don't own a gun. Don't see the reason to have one let alone sleep with one. This allegation just makes SA seem worse than it is. We live in a beautiful country. Yes there is violence but this is ridiculous. NPA says no special treatment. I don't think so.

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