Oscar Pistorius Charged With Murder; Olympic Star Allegedly Killed Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

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South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee "Blade Runner" who became one of the biggest names in world athletics, has been charged with murder.

Officials allege that he shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, dead at his home.


Police said they had opened a murder case after a 30-year-old woman died at the track star's house after an incident in the Silverlakes gated complex.

"At this stage he is on his way to a district surgeon for medical examination," police brigadier Denise Beukes said outside the heavily guarded neighborhood.

Pistorius and girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp had been the only people in the house at the time of the shooting at his residence in Pretoria, Beukes said.

Police said a 9 mm pistol had been found at the scene.

"When a person has been accused of a crime like murder they look at things like testing under the figure nails, taking a blood alcohol sample, other tests," Beukes said.

Pistorius is due to appear in a Pretoria court today.

Before the murder charge was announced, Johannesburg's Talk Radio 702 said the 26-year-old may have mistaken Reeva Steenkamp for a burglar.

South Africa has some of the world's highest rates of violent crime, and many home owners have weapons to defend themselves against intruders.

In 2004, Springbok rugby player Rudi Visagie shot dead his 19-year-old daughter after he mistakenly thought she was a robber trying to steal his car.

Steenkamp, a model and regular on the South African party circuit, was reported to have been dating Pistorius for a year; there had been no signs of strife.

In fact, some of her last Twitter postings indicated she was looking forward to celebrating Valentine's Day on Thursday with the Olympic track star.

"What do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow???" she posted.

However, Beukes said police were aware of previous incidents of "domestic nature" and Pistorius is believed to keep an assortment of weapons in his home.

"Cricket and baseball bats lay behind the door, a pistol by his bed and a machine gun by a window," Britain's Daily Mail wrote in a profile last year.

He was arrested in 2009 for assault after slamming a door on a woman; family and friends said it was just an accident and the charges were later dropped.

Reeva Steenkamp's colleagues were distraught.

"We are all devastated. Her family is in shock," her agent, Sarita Tomlinson said. "They did have a good relationship. Nobody actually knows what happened."

Pistorius, who races wearing carbon fiber prosthetic blades after he was born without a fibula in both legs, was the first double amputee to run in the Olympics.

He reached the 400 meter semi-finals in London 2012.

Respected worldwide for triumphing over his disabilities to compete with able-bodied athletes, his sponsorship deals are thought to be worth $2 million a year.

Oscar Pistorius is sponsored by British telecoms firm BT, sunglasses maker Oakley, sports apparel maker Nike and French designer Thierry Mugler.

"We are shocked by this terrible, tragic news. We await the outcome of the South African police investigation," a BT spokeswoman said before Pistorius was charged.

A Nike spokesman said before hearing of the murder charge that the company was "saddened by the news, but we have no further comment at this stage."

Neighbors, as well as the Olympic community and world at large, expressed shock at the arrest of an athletic ambassador and all-around "good guy."


I just hope that everything will be good for him because maybe, it wasn't him... well, hoping the best for him..


He should have realised by the first shot that he is shootin his lady.Aaaag maybe he was aiming the head.He shoot the gal by the bathroom which makes everything weird.But I feel sori 4 the guy anyway.


My prayers go out to both families


He most definately will be convicted of murder....He doesn't .have a leg to stand on!


Allowing Oscar Pistorius to run in the Olympics was a bit like allowing the bionic man to compete. The judges were wrong to bend the rules for him. And it looks like the rules were bent in 2009 as well, when the assault charges against Pistorius were dropped. Patronization ends badly. .... We see the same dynamic in our foreign policy, where we are all supposed to feel sorry for the Eternal Victims, while they take us for a ride and repeatedly stab us in the back.


I hope this guy spends the rest of his life in prison being someone's bitch. He deserves to take it up the azz.


Just like the Dorner case, we only know what the media tells us. So we don't know anything to be jumping to conclusions or wishing this guy burns in hell. Violence isn't always a simply regional problem. Johannasburg has been rated one of the top five most dangerous places in the world. Nobody wants to die. No one wants to leave the totality of their chances for survival in the hands of other people...even authorities. The only other choice is taking responsibility for your own survival and get a weapon. Most people understand this...except for liberals. Accidents will happen irregardless. Yet many more lives and property are saved. Without private ownership of firearms criminals would have absolutely no restraint. Ask residents in South Africa and you'll also learn that the criminals they most fear wear police uniforms and lead their country.


I hope this guy spends the rest of his life in prison being someone's bitch. He deserves to take it up the azz.


Surprised this is being rushed to a murder charge when there's a likelihood he thought she was an intruder.


B4 you shoot at someone. Don't you need to ask who is there first or make known I have a gun. Like the Dad who shot his Daughter. Just plain stupid.

@ Binky

First of all, do you live in South Africa? Violent crime is horrific there. It was just last year that three black men broke into a white couple's home, murdered the husband, then gang-raped and murdered his wife, and then submerged their tied up 14-year old son face down in a bathtub of scalding water to burn until he drowned.
Smart people loudly announce their entry and identity, especially when they aren't expected.
You shoot first and ask questions later in a place like that, or you don't survive.

@ Frogmore

fucking helll!! wat a sick story.. made me feel sick to my stomach. horrible!!

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