Kris Jenner: Reckless! Immature! Selfish!

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In Touch Weekly is continuing its relentless attack against Kris Jenner.

First, the tabloid exposed her dark secrets, which supposedly include abuse against Kim Kardashian.

Next, it labels Jenner a monster because she never wanted kids.

Now, the magazine has allegedly gotten its hands on the psychological evaluation that was done on Kris and then-husband Robert Kardashian in 1990.

Kris Jenner is Nuts!

As their divorce battle raged on and they fought over custody, Jenner was described in the report as “reckless,” “immature,” “manipulative” and “selfish."

Says a friend of the family, someone who is so close that he/she refuses to divulge his/her name and is happy to provide fodder for this story:

“The diaries were bad enough. But this is Kris’ worst nightmare.”

We doubt that. Kris' worst nightmare would likely involve not actually being mentioned by the tabloids at all.


Will you and your cheap Slutty daughters just fuck off!

@ mrs j

Amen to that!


Even if you see a psychologist or therapist, you cannot tell him or her everything. Kris Jenner is not perfect and so is not everyone else.


Yes, let's judge somebody by a single evaluation by a shrink no one ever heard of, during a messy divorce over 20 yrs ago.


I don't believe the tabloids, nor do I necessarily believe Mama K is DIRECTLY manipulative, but I sure think she's more than adequate at playing the "guilt" card to get her kids and hubby to do what she wants, as well as showing the innocent "who me?" face when it suits her. For instance, when Khloe's paternity was questioned, Kris kept saying, "I was there" like we were doubting she was Khloe's mother, when that was never in question; Khloe's father is who's in question - and I believe Mama K well knows that but twists what's going on to suit whatever story she's trying to push on everyone at the time. I believe Kortney is entirely wise to her little games, but I don't think the rest of them see it, and that's why Kortney and her mother don't get along.

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