Khloe Kardashian: Kris Humphries is Delusional, Fame Hungry and Gross!

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Khloe Kardashian, unsurprisingly, had some harsh words for Kris Humphries in an interview with Andy Cohen, Bravo's Watch What Happens Live last night.

"It just needs to get over already!" Khloe said of Kris' legal dispute with Kim Kardashian, who he's somehow still married to despite splitting 16 months ago.

Kris Humphries: Douche
Khloe is Like, Wut

The Hump is seeking to have the 2011 marriage annulled, claiming he was defrauded; Kim Kardashian just wants to get a divorce and call it a day.

"He's, in my opinion, delusional," Khloe sniped.

Kim, who's pregnant and has supposedly been engagement ring shopping, feels Kris is holding her back for no other reason than spite. Khloe concurs:

"I don't know why he's asking for anything? He's fame-hungry, in my opinion. He wants money ... I just think everything he's doing is so -- it's just gross to me."

While no one disputes that the Hump got blindsided, Khloe may have a point here. Even his own family members say loser Kris needs to get over it.

Fortunately, Khloe had kinder words for two other guys: Kanye West, pregnant Kim's current BF, and Scott Disick, Kourtney's two-time baby daddy.

Cohen humorously asked who she'd rather ... you know. Her take? "Who do I want to bone?! I can't bone, they both are having babies with my sisters!"

After Cohen urged her to reply for the sake of his "Not Plead the Fifth" game, she mused, "I'm really proud of Scott right now, I'm really liking Scott."

However, West has a key factor in his favor: "I've always loved Kanye, and ... since I've only gone black, I got, like once you go black, you stay there, so..."

Kanye FTW.


She may need to look in the mirror and spit those words right back at her.


Kris has talents -- does not need media attention like
the talentless Kardashians.


I dont understand why she feels the need to comment to the media for something that's not even involving her. Which makes her look like the fame whore and gives people the right right to say mean things to her, for expample instead of worrying about your sisters affairs find out why your womb is bare and you cant get pregnant. So you can finally give Lamor a child.


A Kardashian called someone else, "delusional, fame hungry, and gross"? Ironically, that's what we call them!

@ hld

Who is calling the kettle black?


he just lost puberty a short while ago.


She was never crazy about Kris Humphries in the first place because he was uninterested in bonding with her and the rest of the family except for Kim. But, I do see her point. He is holding a personal grudge against Kim, who just wants to divorce him and move forward with her baby and Kanye.


I wish Scott is Straight Edge.


HE'S a fame whore!!! You have GOT to be kidding. At least he has real talent he is compensated for, not a sex tape that he lives off of. I am tired of people ragging on this guy. I don't blame him for not just walking away and letting Kim get away with it. Then she wins. I hope he hangs in there and gets an annulment. It was all a scam. Just because she doesn't care how many times she is divorced, maybe he does.


Look who is calling the kettle black (figure of speech only) when all the Kardashians are media hogs and without the reality shows would be on the bread line.


He'd have to be delusional to even want to get mixed up with the delusional Kardashians. At least Kris H. can claim "temporary" insanity which is still a lot better than being permanently insane.

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