Family to Kris Humphries: Let It Go, Loser!

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Will the Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian divorce drama ever end?

Our irritated readers are not the only ones who want an answer to this question.

According to Radar Online, the family of the Brooklyn Nets power forward would also like to remove Kim from their lives.

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“Kris’ family finds the entire matter really annoying because they’re tired of the negative attention and don’t want to be tied to Kim at all anymore,” an insider alleges. “They just want it to be over.”

This is especially the case for Kaela Humphries, an aspiring model whose career may be stalling because many agencies are "pro-Kim," the source adds.

Humphries is simply out for revenge, his loved ones believe, and it may not end well for him. Concludes this mole:

“The family doesn’t want to be connected to Kim or any of the Kardashians anymore, and they’re worried that Kris will get burned in the end.”

Who do you blame more for the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries divorce drama?


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Family to Kris Humphries: Let It Go, Loser!
Seems homemade to me


If ur brother wants to be free why didn't he sue the network to get the footage he needed. Kim is not executive producer of any show to give Kris filming of anything. Secondly I saw that seasons of the show and after being around him I New York there is no way she was still in love with him. He's a pig


Coming from Radar Online, the article's likely not to be true, but I sure hope it is. Kris, move on! Your 20 seconds of fame is up! Sorry to say, but leeching off Kim and her family is not doing yourself any favors. You have a mediocre basketball career to worry about, along with a mediocre team. Focus on them. Kim wants to be happy, if you decide to actually move on, I'm sure both of you will be happier for it. If your family is telling you to work on the divorce, you might want to open those ears and listen. It's the right thing to do, you aren't getting squat from Kim anyway.


psssssssssssst: HIS MIND IS STUCKED IN KINDERGARTEN, folks!!


Kim is going to reap what she sows. She's not worthy of you Kris.She'll get hers & so will cayenne (LOL). Just sit back & wait.


The more famous these horrid people get, the more obnoxiously they behave. Kim and Kourtney seem to think they are little queens, and live in some alternate reality where things must go as they decree. Kris Humphries needs to run far, far away from her - she used him dreadfully.

@ Rhiannonyoucry

Queens? Considering they were born into wealth, I'd say they act much better than most in their positions. Kris isn't running, Kim's the one running, it's Kris that's been keeping this going for about 15 months now. How sad! The day will come when he wants to marry himself, then he'll have to end this childish charade.

@ Matthew518

You call being born into wealth having a father who is a lawyer for your info the kardishan were upper middle class Americans they won't upper class or born into great wealth just a normal middle Class American family who now become wealthy


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