Sean Lowe Premarital Sex Views to Be Addressed on The Bachelor

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Sean Lowe is not your typical Bachelor star, and his views on sex before marriage will be addressed on the show this season, according to host Chris Harrison.

"Obviously it's way too early now," Harrison said, but it will "absolutely" be an issue.

Sean Lowe IS The Bachelor

"He doesn't mind kissing and that's where the relationships are, but as we get closer to fantasy suites and overnights, it comes up, and he's very open about it."

Chris says Sean Lowe "wears his religion and his heart on his sleeve" and therefore did not have a problem with Selma's decision not to kiss him on screen this week.

"I would think for maybe another Bachelor it would matter, but with Sean it only helps and it only adds to the attraction," he said.

"Sean is a slow mover. He's not one to go jump into bed with just anybody, and the fact that a girl wants to take it very slow is totally fine."

"That will never be a deterrent for him."

"I also think it raised her stock and made her more intriguing, but how long will that work? At some point he's going to want to say, 'Okay, I want to kiss you'."

Check out The Bachelor spoilers, if you dare, to learn when that might be, and tell us: Does Sean wanting to take things slow only make him more attractive?

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