Khloe Kardashian: Fired from The X Factor!

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X will no longer mark the spot for Khloe Kardashian in 2013.

The reality star has been let go from the constantly-retooling X Factor, according to a story in The New York Post.

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“They are asking Mario [Lopez] to come back, but not Khloe,” an insider tells the newspaper, ending one of the most horrible hosting gigs in recent memory.

Kardashian often appeared nervous and unprepared on telecasts, fumbling lines and staring aimlessly into the camera.

Of course, she often fit right in on a show that is yet to find its footing... or a reliable audience.

Neither L.A. Reid nor Britney Spears will return for Season 3, with Demi Lovato expected back as a member of Simon Cowell's panel. Although nothing has been confirmed regarding talent at this time.

What do you think? Will you miss Khloe Kardashian as host of The X Factor?


Kardashian is loser like everyone in that family.


I have nothing against the Kardashians, per se, but Khloe was a terrible host and was the primary reason I refused to watch this season. It was simply too painful of an experience and her awkwardness was too damn distracting.


i am soooooooooooo glad she won't be coming back. always trying to take the spotlight off of mario, who is a fantastic host. also, she is not pretty at all. i say good riddance!!


Leave the kardashians alone, I honestly love them & I think people are more jealous than anything ! #teamkardashinjenner !


Does anyone actually watch "The X Factor" in the first place? The show is a phenomenal dud, and so are the winners of the first two seasons...Melanie Amaro? Yeh, big star! NOT! Tate WHO? Gimme a break! The show sucks. Simon Cowell should have stayed on "American Idol," where at least the winners actually put out records.


And for all you Khloe haters, she's probably the only REAL person in the whole K family, and she probably isn't even a REAL Kardasian, hmmm...maybe that's why she's so REAL while the rest are so screwed up and fake.


That show is a lost cause.


Khloe was definitely the wrong choice, but would any of you have turned down the job? She has a likeability factor but her inexperience did her in. She is the only Kardashian that I admire. She is down to earth and very attractive.

@ Maria

I totally agree Maria - Couldn't have said it better! Yeah, she sucked as a host on X-Factor, but as a person, Khloe is really likeable (IMO) so I hope she finds something more suitable to her personality. Out of all the "K" girls, I hope Khloe is the one to truly succeed.


I'm not a Kardashian hater although their mother does act like a fruit cake to say the least. If what you read is anywhere close to the real thing she's greedy, money hungry and a poor excuse for a parent. Kim has done things I don't approve of but I still like her. That being said I do have to say I'm glad to see Khloe gone. I don't think she's pretty, she wears her clothing way to tight and for a married woman she constantly hang all over poor Mario. I agree this was by far the best decision Simon could have made for the show.


At least she had a try in hosting a live show. She can move on to something else.

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