Frank Ocean Grammy Performance: Run, Forrest, Run!

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Frank Ocean ran through his entire 2013 Grammy Awards performance.

Sort of. As the maestro stood behind a podium, playing piano, a video projected in front of the podium to make it look as if he were running the entire time.

"Forrest Gump" style. Watch him perform his song by that name below:

In addition to winning Most Swagtastic Suit, Ocean was among the 2013 Grammy winners Sunday, taking home Best Urban Contemporary Album.

As he took the stage to accept the award, the entire crowd gave him a standing ovation ... except for one guy. Follow the jump to see what we mean ...

Chris Brown, Frank Ocean at Grammys

Yup ... Chris Brown, whose album Fortune was nominated in the same category, was fittingly the only one not standing (though he was clapping).

Tensions between the two singers is apparently still high following last month's Chris Brown-Frank Ocean fight at a recording studio in West Hollywood.

Witnesses told deputies that Brown punched Ocean during a beef over a parking space, Frank Tweeted that he “got jumped by Chris and a couple guys…”

Ocean told police his version of events, but later said he would not pursue criminal charges against Brown, who has not commented on the matter.

Brown also made headlines last night for cozying up to Rihanna. A lot.

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Uhris Brown clapped and that's enough. I'm sure frank didn't receive a standing ovation for that god-awful performance one of the worse performances I've ever seen on the grammy could bear hear the applauses


neither chris brown or rihanna stood for anybody actually. There were many awards given out.. even country awards that they were not apart of.. everyone stood for the winner except chris brown and rihanna. It has nothing to do with a scuffle.. they're just horrible people.


That was one of the worst performances of all time. Out of tune, bad pitch, and a crap song to boot. Laughable at at best. Frank Puddle is more like it.


That was one of the worst performances of all time. Out of tune, bad pitch, and a crap song to boot. Laughable at at best. Frank Puddle is more like it.

@ Frank Blows

Definitely. It sounded more like one of those American idol reject videos you see from the tryout cities. No wonder the audience was so quiet. They were stunned into silence. Maybe thinking it was all an elaborate episode of "Punk'd", lol.


The only reason that all the crowd stood up because everyone is against Chris. Most of those people don't even care, they just want to put Chris in his place. What part did Ocean play in the fight last week? Chris didn't have to stand, he did what he wanted to do. Stop hating on the young man, let him live...

@ Shirley Rivers

Ya mean EVERYONE HATES CHRIS? Sounds like the begining of a new television sitcom! Oh yea...they already did that one...duh! They don't hate Chris..its just his horrible body oder they can't stand. THE DUDE STINKS!

@ Shirley Rivers

You are nuts


Hi - Good that Chris Brown remained seated when Ocean won. He did clap, which was certainly sufficient. Chris wasn't inclined to stand up. He exercised his choice just as the folks standing exercised theirs. Free country - Go USA! Cheers for Chris in seated mode looking sharp in that dynamite white ensemble. Too many folks follow the crowd. Chris didn't violate anything because he didn't rise. Ocean won. He stood on stage. Good enough...