Rihanna and Chris Brown Cozy Up at Grammys, Blow Up Twitter, Polarize Fans

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Chris Brown and Rihanna didn't perform together at the 2013 Grammys last night. Nor did they walk the red carpet as a couple, each arriving separately.

Yet the R&B stars may have been the night's top story.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together

The singers spent the entire night cozying up to each other in the audience, as CBS cameras frequently went to the controversial couple for reaction shots.

It was a very public display of affection and a signal to the world that Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together, no matter what you might think of it.

As expected, viewer reactions were mixed, and heated.

On the eve of the '09 Grammys, Brown shocked the industry and world when he assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna, whose bruised face became a tabloid fixture.

Four years is a long time, but it was still amazing to see Rihanna, decked out in a red dress and smiling ear to ear, photographed leaning her head on Brown.

All night long. Think she's trying to make a point or something?

This actually wasn't their most shocking appearance in tandem this month. Rihanna stuck by her man and showed up in court with him last week.

Brown is accused of violating his probation by submitting false community service records ... in connection with his sentence for assaulting Rihanna.

Yet there she was in court, by his side. In a recent interview, Rihanna said dating Brown makes her happy and “if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake.”

Think we're getting the picture, even if it's a very polarizing one.

What do you think of Rihanna and Chris back together?


i love both of them...they're the cutest couples ever!!! in addition they're both my role models!!!!(:


They seem to care for one another. In the end it's no one's business. Everyone deserves a second chance, third, fourth, etc. I feel it's very easy for the public to scrutinize celebrities lives. But, if this happened to someone you know, It's exceptable to forgive. Celebrities are no different than you or I. There's no need to put them on a pedistle.


OMG! Tripps your assessment was cruel but not necessarily far-fetched. Bad behavior is just what it is no matter who you are. Being a celebrity only calls more attention to personality distortions. But in reality, people like Chris and Rihanna are just confused, angry, and sad little people who just happened to be famous (for now).


I used to like Rihanna, that's until she went back with this piece of crap. What the hell is wrong with her? Doesn't she realize once your hit by an asshole, you'll always be hit. I think she is a FOOL. God, how stupid can she be? Can't stomach her or him....UGH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


@Tripps Shut the fuck up


If these two hadn't made it as RnB artist (I refrain from calling what they do singing) Chris would be a pimp and drug dealer living in subsidized housing in a ghetto somewhere toting a stolen gun demanding everyone respect him with his pants down around his knees. Rhianna would be working a street corner doing sex favors for dope hits at $10.00 a pop. In truth, neither one of them has progressed much beyond their original roots or mentality, except for the price n quantity. That they are together or not will undoubtedly be an on and off situation in which the only differential component will be their fame and money giving us another example of how little it all means in the basic behavior of hoodrats. But, at least it'll give us a reality show that will be in the news rather than a weekly series like the Kardashians and more weak crap to comment on.

Loretta smith
@ tripps

I love listening to all the RACIST bigots on this site! The fact that you could pour so much energy into hating people - who don't contribute a DAM thing to your life is PATHETIC! Rihanna is not the poster woman for ABUSE or Forgiveness. You truly don't give a DAM that she got beat up......Because after all; she is a BLACK woman. And BIGOT's don't like black people or anybody else in their MISERABLE little world. Chris Brown made a mistake and has paid and will continue to pay with his OWN conscious! Out of everything that is going on in the world, you BIGOTS focus on this.....You are a bunch of Soulless- Demons!


good for them


"If she gets the notion to go jump in the ocean, ain't nobody's bizness if she do." I say, girlfriend if you need to gets hit upside the head a few mo' times before you realize what a sleazeball CB is, then go right ahead. The sad thing is that young girls mistakenly see someone like RiRi as a role model and figure if she can go back to her abuser, so can they. Women are losing their lives every day cause they forgave some a-hole who beat on them. It's NEVER all right to be physically assaulted by ANYONE! Ladies, grow up! If a man hits you once, he'll hit you again. So let Rihanna make her mistakes, just don't make excuses for domestic violence.


she is gorgeous and wonderful and i really hope she looks for a new boyfriend. he is trouble and he aint gonna change. she is a little sweetheart anbd deserves so much more.


It's not about condoning or condemning. It's about adults that are free to make their own decisions. I say get over it. If the victim has moved on and willing to forgive then how can people that have absolutely nothing to do with it still harbor such ill feelings.

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