Bobbi Kristina Blasts Grandmother, Whitney Houston Tell-All

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Cissy Houston has been making the media rounds over the past few days, sharing memories of her late daughter and promoting her book, "Remember Whitney."

But there's at least one person who won't be reading this revealing biography: the late's singer's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Bobbi Kristina and Cissy Houston

"Anything concerning my grandmother's book, I and @nickgordon of course personally have nothing to with," the teenager has Tweeted to her nearly 120,000 followers, adding:

"I haven't read and won't... I find it to be disrespectful to my mother and me being her daughter won't tolerate it."

What do you think of Cissy penning this book?


first and firemost you should respect your grandama.your grandama was the onre that gave birth to your mother.she wou;d no things that you do not know.slow down little girl you and nick do not know anything.i happen to like the book and advise others to get it


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no need to panic, folks.