Beyonce Halftime Show Performance: Grade It!

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So... how did she do?

Following her controversial Inaugural performance of the national anthem, we can finally move past Beyonce Lip Sync Gate - and focus instead on the superstar's performance at today's Super Bowl XLVII halftime show.

It followed the Alicia Keys national anthem rendition and featured black leather and lace... a fiery guitar... some serious dance moves... renditions of "Crazy in Love," "End of Love" and, of course, a Destiny's Child reunion!


Grade the Beyonce halftime show performance now:


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nice song


Beyonce can't dance. she does the same hip shake move all the time. Very basic amatuerish stuff. her back up dancers must be laughing at the simple routines they have to mimic.


15 of us watched the halftime show, without exception, had to put clothes pins on our noses. In a word, it stank. Someone said amazing? Amazingly bad. That's two recent strikes for the diva. One more and she's on the bench.


I wonder what made the NFL choose Knowles and Destineys Child to perform at the Super Bowl. Her recent re-emmergence into the top spotlights has began only with her connections to Barak Obama and partying with him to the Innaguration and now this. Kinda reminds me of J.F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. I'm not arguing her talent...or lack of it..which ever side you're on, but Obama seems to be into everything but the presidency, for example; The Martin/Zimmerman case, Could it be that he is also responsible for this? Why the Super Bowl to headline Their reunion? Its no wonder Hollywood supports Obama if he is using the Presidential powers to further some ppls careers. It would also stand to reason, if he does this for Hollywood he would do it for the media n general and others pushing the rest of us aside. Now tell me that YOU can trust the media and Hollywoods endorsement of Obama when its bought n paid for. PEOPLE! Next time MAKE UP YOUR OWN MINDS!


Her talent becomes more questionable with every performance.
First lip syncing for the phone president, then this.....a lot of strutting and shaking, not much singing, just wailing one note constantly. And the Destinys child reunion? Who cares? Not exactly the Beatles getting back together.


Uh, Steve Urkel....Beyonce stole your spastic act.


Even Beyonce's performance was nothing we havent seen her do in stream of award shows during the last 5 years, made it very predictable but it still was entertaining to watch. She had a tough act to follow . Last years Superbowl performance by Madonna and Guest Artists set the bar way too high. Entertaining and unpredictable yet wishing that the halftime show be an hour instead of 12

@ Rubio

You are kidding, right? Madonna sucks, too.


I think she was beautiful, but not impressed with performance. It just wasn't what the hype made it out to be. And the reunion of Destiny's Child was not all that either. The way she shooed Kelly and Michelle off at the end, was kind of the way they were treated when the group was recording together. Beyonce the center of attention the other girls just there.

@ Shirley

She looked cracked up.


She did Amazing!!!!!!!! As always!!! But I wish she performed Run The World. Every time she performs Run The World, the performance is completely phenomenal!!! Because it's do different each time and I just love that song!!! And it would've been perfect because she had the all girl band and dancers. But she was whipping that weave!!! LOVE YOU BEYONCÈ!! And the people that think she didn't do well, I understand that that's your opinion and that you have every right to think that way, but I just want to see you all reign above all entertainers like she does. She's very positive and I just hate how people love these vulgar rappers these days who only rap about sex, drugs and money. They usually are the ones heading downhill later on in life!! Except Kendrick Lamar..........I LOOOOOVE KENDRICK LAMAR!!!!! Sorry I changed the subject a little, I never fail to. :D YA BISH!!

@ TameraWhoElse?

With her husband's money, anyone of us could reign supreme, that does not equate talent. She sucked.


I'm elated the super bowl sponsers blessed us with Beyonce the most beautiful and best entertainer in the world! As well as the second most beautiful and best entertainer Alicia Keys! I never miss a opportunity to see them live or otherwise. The AKHIS love and support these beautiful ladies!


Beyonce beautiful, not so much. Beyonce talented, not at all. Ms. Keys...beautiful and talented. Ms. Keys talented? Why yes Ms. Keys is talented, she can sing on command without the studio equipment for which Beyonce's husband pays so dearly for. Oh, and Ms. Keys can do all this while keeping her clothes on. THAT is talent.