Beyonce Lip-Sync Confirmed, Inauguration Anthem Ruined?

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At yesterday's Presidential Inauguration, Beyonce sang an incredible version of the national anthem. It gave attendees chills and lit up the Internet within minutes of its completion.


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    such a double standard. when ashlee simpson was caught lip syncing it ruined her career. if beyonce does it, cause she's a sista, it's ok?? i am not impressed. beyonce is a poor man's diana ross. k-mart variety.

    @ taylor

    Taylor. Completely agree, Taylor. When Ashlee was caught lip syncing, she become the LAUGHING stock of the world and it ruined her career. When Queen Beyonce does, nobody even bats an eyelash. If Beyonce is great, why didn't she do it live? Kudos to Kelly Clarkson for doing it live and keeping it real. Beyonce at LEAST needs to acknowledge that she did not sing live, and she hasn't even done that!

    @ Sammie

    and she won't ever admit it because that's how the sistas roll. just ignore questions and its as if it never happened. again, beyonce is a poor man's diana ross. can't even speak properly. low class.

    @ taylor

    Well, for Ashley, it unfolded in a really embarrassing way.
    However, I really agree that it is shameful that Beyoncé lip-synched. Kelly Clarkson didn't, but if she had and Beyoncé had sang live, the attitude would be different. I don't know why there is this consensus that Beyoncé can do no wrong. I wouldn't make it a race issue, but I just don't know why she is held in such high regard.

    @ Kats

    kats, unfortunately, it is a race issue. the standards are different. even during the elections, almost 100% of blacks voted obama. that would be statistically impossible in any former election for one group to vote 100%. beyonce is viewed as this great talent, and i just dont see it. at all.

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