Alicia Keys National Anthem Performance: Grade It!

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The excitement of Super Bowl XLVII kicked off a few moments before kick off tonight, as Alicia Keys took to the Superdome field in New Orleans and belted out the Star-Spangled Banner.

There was no lip-synching controversy here, nor any national anthem lyric flubs.

Instead, we were just treated to a beautiful version of our nation's most patriotic song. How did Keys do? Listen to her now and then compare it to past national anthem performances...

What grade would you give Alicia Keys for her Super Bowl national anthem?


Waaaay too slow and BORING!! Where's Rosanne when we need her?


Alicia sang it way too slow.
But I like she did it live.
Nobody has come close to Witney's version.


She sounded horrible when attempting to hit high notes. Sounded entirely like shit compared to jennifer Hudson. Literally covered my ears when Alicia sang.


I have come to the conclusion that they should just have an orchestra play the SSB at the beginning of the Superbowl. Everyone who sings it is determined to make it fit into their's an anthem people...sing it as such. I enjoy listening to Alicia Keys but if she had sung that anthem any slower they would have had to postpone the game.


Horrible performance of our National Anthem. Keyes tried to make it into a soulful ballad, which in my opinion was a ridiculous approach. In addition, she is always trying to sing song with a great range, and the fact is that he voice can't hack it, as in "Girl On Fire" and today's Nationbal Anthem. She really isn't capable of reaching those high notes, so she screams them and makes it even more apparent that she can't quite get there.