Octomom: Back on Welfare!

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Despite a career uptick due to the smashing success of Octomom: Home Alone, the Octomom porn video, Nadya Suleman signed up for welfare again this week.

October rehab bills depleted most of her savings, TMZ reports.

It had been only five months since Octomom got off ... welfare.

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The mother of 14 will be receiving $1,800 a month for food and $1,000 in emergency cash, on top of Medi-Cal benefits to help with mental health and dental issues.

Sorry again, California taxpayers.

Nadya Suleman says she only plans to use the infusion of welfare money while she gets back on her feet financially. Hmm. You thinking what we're thinking?

If so, you're sick, sick people.

Let's just say she was in dire straits last spring before strip club gigs and an award-nominated self-pleasure adult film earned her considerable coin.

At least for a no-talent hack. You do what you gotta do when you have that many mouths to feed. What we're saying is look for Octomom: Home Alone 2 in 2013.


since she wants to look EXACTLY like Angelina Jolie will she get a Doctor to chop her titties off?


2 kids is enough to drive me crazy, but im not crazy yet. A single parent cannot take care of 14 kids no matter what. Her family members should tighten up her tubes before having 8 more kids.


She's no different than anybody else on welfare.


why does she beg for attention (and money, and sympathy) every time she blows all of the money she got from the last time she begged? and why does the media keep publishing her latest begging?


This what happen when somebody have children to get herself in the news. The state should go in and take them and let famlies that truly can add to their life.
She thought this would make her a headliner and the children are suffering for it. I have seen her on tv and she couldn't even sound smart .


I think it's time someone with mega bucks thought seriously about helping this single mother. So what if she's on welfare? How many Mormon's, including polygamists are on welfare? She needs help. We need to think of all of her children who could use a hand up. She has shown that she will do Anything to support her children. She kept all the children in her octo-pregnancy instead of choosing to abort a few for a better outcome. This is a chance for all the anti-choice people to support someone who believes in the viability of all of her children.

@ Terry Box

you must be part of the 47%, low information demographic....you poor naive thing.

@ Terry Box

At least she's not a murderer. She must have paid taxes when she was making money. Those children didn''t ask to come here and have to eat, be clothed, and have a roof over their heads. No one can deny them that. Besides, who knows what they all can contribute to society when they're grown. No matter what you think of Ms Suleman, the children are innocent.and deserve a break. They have enough to contend with as they grow up being known for the way they were born..


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