Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt on Celebrity Big Brother: We Feared For Our Lives!

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Having come in second place behind Ryan Clark on Celebrity Big Brother (UK), Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are continuing to open up about their experience.

The gruesome twosome, who said they only feigned being asses for the sake of ratings, now admit they feared for their lives during the competition!

Montag and Pratt Talking

Long out of sight and out of mind as far as the American public is concerned, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt re-emerged on UK reality TV this winter.

While the Big Brother house tends to be unpredictable, Spencer and Heidi both admit that they felt as if their lives were in danger during the competition!

“We didn’t sleep much at all," Pratt said. "I always had one eye open. We were watching them thinking they were going to try and kill us in our sleep."

"We were constantly nervous something might happen. Every time we saw any of them near knives we left the kitchen straight away," he said.

The man has always had a gift for hyperbole.

“They were at such an intense level in the house, we thought they would come and mess with us. Who knows what they would do?" Heidi Montag adds.

"At times they were very volatile, easily triggered, and had violent tendencies. I thought we would have to run to get away. I didn’t want to get into a fight at all costs.”

The duo did admit, however, to playing the villains.

“They brought us in to be Speidi and stir it all up. I feel like a cartoon character. My talent for some odd reason, is being an a**hole” Spencer Pratt said.

The winner of the competition, Ryan Clark, isn't buying it.

“I think that’s a load of b*llocks. If that’s really how they feel then ‘bully’ means a different term in f**king America," says the former X Factor hopeful.

"I’ve never met two people who have made me feel so uncomfortable in my life ... I think they are genuinely gutted they didn’t win. F*** them ... I won in the end!”

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt:


I think this whole speidi thing is just a scam.I spent nearly a hundred thousand dollars purchasing licensing agreements and signing contracts with their agents attorneys and other media publicists to use their"Name and Likliness" in infomercials artwork industrial print and publicity shoots and was ripped off!This stuff will never be worth anything and as far as the publicity my corporation lost millions!


wow, we aren't jackholes we just play them on tv?!? I didn't know brits were kmown for such violence. Afraid when the castmates went near kitchen knives? Wow. British TV sounds exciting, do people often get attacked and murdered on reality TV there? Must be a well kept secret.


Speidi are literally horrible human beings. And they are in such denial always blaming someone else. I hope some day they open their eyes and recognize their own behavior however unlikely at this point. Their parents must be so disappointed.


I have never, in all my days, seen the likes of these two IDIOTS.
What rock did they crawl out from under?


Vile disgusting people!! No one was violent towards them although do think they need a good smack in the gob for being such pigs!

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