LeAnn Rimes Bikini Photos: Hot! All Staged!

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LeAnn Rimes is not shy about her bangin' bikini body ... to the point where all her "casual" outings that are captured by the paparazzi are actually all staged.

Yes, those LeAnn Rimes bikini photos you see - with her looking smoldering and fun-loving on the beach, walking with husband Eddie Cibrian - are set up.

LeAnn Rimes, Bikini
LeAnn Rimes Bikini Picture

The 30-year-old, whose life has been under intense scrutiny since her affair with Eddie (while he was still married to Brandi Glanville) has it down to a science.

Sources say whenever she is snapped outside of restaurants, on the beach in bikinis shopping or going to and from the airport, she's well aware going in.

LeAnn and photographers have been dealing with each other for years; even when she's out of the country in Cabo, she's tipped them off to her location.

The celebrity gossip photographers take the shots - usually flattering - and disseminate them online. Shameless and bogus, but at least no one gets hurt.

As we saw with Chris Guerra, who lost his life trying to chase down a celebrity, that's not always a given. Maybe it's good LeAnn has her system down?

"LeAnn wants good pictures out there," says a source. "She wants to look good and moreover she wants people to see how she looks happy with Eddie."

"That's why she does that."

What do you think of it?


She has obviously had a tummy tuck - you can see the scar on her lower right abdomen just above her bikini bottom - unmistakable.


So she poses for photos that you know are staged, but you run them anyway, with catty remarks to try to generate controversy for traffic. Who's pathetic again?


15 minutes are up....


She is the most pathetic person. The things she does are so scary! She wants to be Brandi! She has morphed herself into her. She has stalked her and bullied her! It is truly sick! I will be happy the day they split up!


She is not a pretty gal. She has no morals to have
gotten involved with a married man with kids and
I can not name even one of her songs. Will we ever get back to talented, worthy celebrities? I am sick of all these fame hungry nothings.


Can you say washed up?

@ Team Brandi

who is Brandi, is she one of those plastic joker's wives


Pathetic. She's just his future ex-wife.


She's a pig, washed up has been and media whore!!

@ Go Brandi

oh, what has bambi or sorry Brandi done ,


I think she and Eddie are related because of their slanty eyes.


It's just as we'll LeAnn Rimes is rich, she may. Have a good bod but the face well.........it looks like a smacked ass. She really has a face for radio.

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