Kim Kardashian Divorce Demand: Pay My Bills!

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Stop us if you've heard this before: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are at odds with each other.

Insiders tell TMZ that Kim is fed up with Humphries' dragging out their divorce case and now she's demanding the Brooklyn Nets' power forward foot her entire legal bill.

Kim Kardashian, Stink Eye
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Kardashian believes Humphries is delaying the former couple's official split because he's both greedy and attention-starved - and he's costing her serious moolah in the process.

The reality star's attorney fees reportedly hover around $250,000.

Fortunately, the case will go before a judge next month and may finally be settled at that time.

In the meantime, Kim will need to get by with $65,000 gifts from her baby daddy. It's a wonder she can survive.


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Kim Kardashian Divorce Demand: Pay My Bills!
Now tell me it's not real!


She is trash, we know it!


not much celebs get well paid for being a celebrity.
...........that's why she is saying these things.

@ abe

Chris needs to get a life. When it's over it's over. Move on. Find somebody else. It's a damn same when u can go thru a drive thru to get married and go thru hell and back to get out of it. Where is Chris's friends and family to talk to him about goin on with his life, he needs serious counseling. He looks stupid and is actually stupid. GET A LIFE MOVE ON, IT'S OVER.


what;s the story? the headline says "kim kardashian: pay my bills" but it never says anything about that in this 4 sentence article.


They have broken up for over a year and this dispute is still going on. When is the ending of this B.S. going to come? Then, Kim K can move forward and focus entirely on her unborn baby and relationship with Kanye West.


It is too bad someone has not come up with a cure for stupid, they'd be rich beyond all imagination just on this one (hate to say it) family. Ho-Ho here should not get a dime of Kris' money, quite the contrary, Kris should get some of Ho-Ho's $$ and the annulment. Or wouldn't it be a hoot, if Kris dragged this out until the birth, sued for custody, won, and got child support? After all, in some states, genetics or not, if you are married, your legal husband is the baby daddy. What a nasty web this Ho-Ho skank wove.


The Professional Nobody with the humongous caboose already tried to get Ryan Seacrest to pay millions for the rights to the divorce case. Must have not worked out.
Poor Professional Nobody does not want to admit that her 72-day marriage was a money-grabbing fraud. Right after the Professional Nobody married, she invited a nude yoga instructor to her house for her new husband to happen upon. Nawwwww! That's not fraud on the Planet of Professional Nobodies. Lol.


Dose anyone remember she stole all the wedding
Gifts.she conned him out of a 2,000,000 million
Doll or ring and get 18,000,000 million dollors
For having the wedding on t.v. & Kris didn't get
A penny. She is trash.
Sharon coffman

@ sharon coffman

how do you steal gifts (aka things ppl GIVE you) ? and how do you con your boyfriend? you "con" someone who you are going with.


She is dragging this on just as much as he is. Poor baby doesnt have the money to pay her own attorney bills. Whore is married and pregnant with another mans child Kris should get moochoo bucks for that one

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