Justin Bieber Source Spills on Selena Gomez Split, Chris Guerra Harassment

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Justin Bieber was NOT smoking pot behind the wheel this week, but he HAS split with Selena Gomez once again.

So says a close especially close to the singer in response to the death of Chris Guerra, who was hit by a car on Tuesday night while pursuing Bieber.

A friend of the late photographer says Guerra called him prior to his passing and said he saw Justin smoking up whole driving and was hoping to break that major story.

Justin Bieber Stripping Pic

But this Bieber mole makes it quite simple: That's a lie.

The source says various witnesses can confirm that Bieber only left the Four Seasons on New Year's Day to get lunch at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffle.

Moreover, there's no way Guerra could have seen Gomez with Bieber  - as he allegedly claimed - because the two fought in Mexico on December 30  and BROKE UP.

She was never at the Four Seasons and she hasn't spoken to Justin in days.

Finally, this insider said Bieber didn't think this occasion was appropriate to admit it, but he had "very little respect" for Guerra because the reporter constantly stalked and harassed the artist in an attempt to snap pictures and get a story.

Chris made life "very difficult by telling lies about Justin," according to the latest TMZ mole.

Whose side do you believe, readers?


Learn to spell.
Learn how to construct grammatically correct sentences.
Learn to proofread.


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This man was not a reporter. He was a pap.


Does anyone proofread your copy? With this many mistakes, you can hardly say you are a "writer". You give Ms Hilton a bad name.


Selena needs to find someone else. If she can't be happy with Justin and stop being so mean.Justin has been nothing but good to her.


I'm sick of this shit Justin and Selena have to make up there mind if they wanna stay together or stay brokin up because its ridiculious that they always have to be together and then break up then back together then break up like just stop!!!!!! -.-


All of these maggots should die like this or some other way.


One less pap means at least one life less ruined by being constantly stalked and having cameras shoved in your face. Only his closest family will give a shit that he's now just road-kill.


To whom ever wrote this story; you need to learn how to spell.
Now on to the story that has so many things wrong in it. First Chris never said he saw Selena Gomez he did say he saw her car in the parking lot of the Four Seasons.
Next thing Chris didn't stalk JB he just happened to be driving and seen JB's car which how many of them are in the area.
Now the question is this"If Selena's car was in the parking lot before JB got there and someone else left in JB car later and JB left later in Selena's car; Why is JB driving Selena's car since they broke up again and she is in Mexico?"
Did JB happen to steal her car from her place?
Now dee there is nothing in this article about JB getting the blame for the accident and if he was smoking pot it is a big deal because if he get's caught by police doing that or a picture shows up with him doing that then he will be escorted out of the USA since he isn't a US citizen he may own property here but he is not a Citizen he is here on a work visa like many other actors and singers are.

@ Shawn

I counted 12 grammatical or punctuation errors in this reply! As for the rights and wrongs of this case, I say good riddance to bad rubbish.


Ok nobody forced the paparazzi to pursue him. HOW IS it Justin Bieber's fault? Plus if he was smoking pot , who cares, still doesn't blame that for somebody else's death. STUPID!!!

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