Justin Bieber Pot Pursuit Blamed For Chris Guerra Death

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Someone in the paparazzi business, who considers himself a very close friend of Chris Guerra, has spoken out about the photographer's death last night.

TMZ conducted an interview with the source, who spoke with Guerra at 5:16 p.m. yesterday, not long before he died in pursuit of Bieber's Ferrari.

According to this insider, Guerra was excited because he claims to have seen Bieber smoking marijuana while driving.

He was following up on this story when Bieber's car turned in to the Four Seasons Hotel and Guerra waited to see what would happen next.

And what did happen next?

The Ferrari pulled away and Guerra hung up with his friend, in hot pursuit of what he believed to be a major find.

Soon afterwards, however, the vehicle - which, it turned out, was NOT carrying Bieber - was pulled over by patrol officers who ordered Guerra to back up... and that's when he lost his life.

Asked about Miley Cyrus' reaction to Guerra's death, the anonymous pal replied:

"Good Christians that I know ... don't throw stones at people who get killed."

He also clearly assigned some blame to Bieber, due to Justin's shoddy driving record and the pot-smoking allegation.

What do you think? Even though Bieber was not in the car, does he deserve any blame for this tragedy?


That's karma for you


DON'T DO WEED IT ANT WORTH IT.my mom smoked it and now she can't see me.she made a bad decision.why do weed anyway?my mom is nothing now.don't do it.p.s. your sexy.


Chris Guerra was apperently in Love with Biber!


Wait a minute, wait a minute...He's going to blame Justin for his friend dying, when his friend followed a car that ended up not even having Justin in the car? I am not a fan of Justin Bieber whatsoever, but you can't blame the guy for something he didn't do. I'm sorry that Chris lost his life, my condolences, but Justin Bieber is not to blame.

@ Teresa

I'm with you. He died because he walked out onto the road and didn't look first. Whose fault is that?

@ Lucy

According to the LA Times, California Highway Patrol said they told him TWICE to immediately get back in his car. Obeying police orders, this poor kid crossed a dangerous roadway because officers trained in traffic safety commanded him to cross a dangerous roadway. So, it is obviously the fault of the CHP. Hope an attorney reads this and sues the State and your tax dollars can pay for this kid's family to buy their own Ferrari to mourn their loss.

@ Ron Austin

What? So this man is in no way responsible for looking both ways before crossing the road??????? Even my 7 year old knows not to cross unless it is fully clear of traffic. Nope sorry, not the fault of the police either but nice try. The truth is he had no business being out of his car in the first place. These jack holes put not only themselves but the public at risk when they ignore the laws and common sense.


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