Justin Bieber Cracks Self Up, Moons the Camera

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Forget Justin Bieber smoking weed. This young singer has a much bigger problem on his hands? Well... in his pants:

The Biebs is a crack dealer!

That's the hilarious description manager Scotter Braun used to describe his client after Bieber posted a photo to Instagram in which his drops trou and gives the world a peek at what was once reserved for Selena Gomez.

Consider yourself warned, readers. Or perhaps aroused...

Justin Bieber, Butt

Bieber has since deleted the picture, but not before it made the Internet rounds and Braun Tweeted:

"as a prankster u have to respect another good prank. only makes sense. #crackdealer"

Is Bieber giving Gomez a look at what she'll now miss? Giving a little Eff You to his critics? Simply having fun? It's unclear.

But we're guessing a few million female followers don't mind pondering the possibilities as they swoon over his moon.


That is not justin bieber take a close look at that persons face and hair he is bald its just some stupid person trying to spread a rumer so shut up and leave justin alone!!!


o wow


Thats hott!!!!!!!!


Would it be OK to expose your butt to a 4 year old in the mall?hmm Maybe not huh. Well that same 4 year old fan is probably following him on twitter and he expose his butt to many four year old kids. So what is the difference? It is a prank if you do it to a friend but when you put it out on twitter it is exhibitionism. The kid has done a bit of body building and now thinks he is Rambo and his ego makes him think everyone wants to see his body. Look on stage he is always taking off his shirt and strutting around with his now
inflated ego. He has delusions of being this hard body stud and he believes he is. Of course his handlers and employees suck up to him and
go along with it because it is in their interest. It is always the same for these child stars, they start to believe the hype put out by some fans and the hangerons around them. It is sad and some think he is the next Brittney spears. Even his mother wants a piece of him. She is using his name to promote an anti-abortion video. If she wasn't Beibers mom they would not even give her the time of day. This is a divisive issue and apparently they are going to use a reference to his baby song. This could hurt her son.
The main reason this is happening now; is because his manager (Scooter Braun) is jet setting around the world building his SB record company instead of managing his biggest asset. I follow him on twitter and he spends more time away from him and it shows. His manager is looking to his own
future post Bieber, but what he should remember is, without Bieber his empire will fall. Justin is what made SB records what it is today, and if Justin falls, the other artists will be leaving quickly. They only signed on because of Bieber's enormous influence in the industry. I like this kid and it is so sad to see whats happening. Seems to have gotten worse since him an Selena have problems. I think she is a good influence on him and it is too bad she is not there. I wouldn't be surprised if his hangerons are glad she is gone.


Not pretty - looks like an old white man's butt. Beginning to think this kid has a pretty face, and is arrogant, and ugly, everyplace else.


That kid looks too buff to be JB.. Plus, is't this considered kiddy porn?? lol jk, I am aware that he is "of age".. but he still looks like a 12 year old

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