Jenelle Evans Miscarriage Confirmed; Gary Head "There to Comfort Her"

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Reports of Jenelle Evans' miscarriage have sadly been confirmed.

Reliable sources report that the MTV star indeed suffered a miscarriage early Friday, as we reported, and that her ex-fiancé Gary Head has rushed to her aid.

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The baby belonged to her husband, Courtland Rogers, who she married a little under two months ago but now says she is divorcing as soon as possible.

"Jenelle was just now released from Onslow County Hospital," says a friend, adding that the Teen Mom 2 star "suffered a lot of bleeding and is drained."

Fortunately, "Gary is there to comfort her."

For his part, Gary Head has also taken to his Twitter account to provide updates on his former ladylove and even tweeted a photo from the hospital:

"With @PBandJenelley_1 at the hospital. Hopefully she gets better. I'm about to vomit or faint," he posted. "All this blood. I'm surprised she's still standing."

As for the mother of three-year-old Jace? She's sad and subdued, mostly.

She's kept most of the medical details to herself, but when it comes to her #1 supporter, she writes, "THANK F—KING GOD @gary_head IS HERE FOR ME."

Not even two weeks ago, Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers were over the moon about each other and the baby they were expecting together.

Since that announcement, she's accused her husband of cheating, said she's getting a divorce, filed assault charges against him, and been hospitalized.

We wish her all the best and a speedy, drama-free recovery - although the last part may be wishful thinking. Head and Rogers are already going at it.

After Rogers accused Head of moving in on his estranged wife, Head fired back on Twitter (of course), denied that and said he's in love with someone else.

Besides, he adds, it wouldn't matter much because ...

Gary Head Tweeting

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bloody nora, shes in hospital lost her baby and all you lot can do is be darn rude,yes she has problems but NO ONE deserves that ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She had An abortionv if she was really pregnantwhich i highly doubt she even was.


She had An abortionv if she was really pregnantwhich i highly doubt she even was.


She had An abortionv if she was really pregnantwhich i highly doubt she even was.


how convenient, she gets married, surprise! she's pregnant. she gets divorced and surprise! a miscarraige. she's faking it


don't ask too much of hime, babe.


Yeah she likes classy men (sarcasm)


I used to think people just gave her a hard time, that she could prove she was a good person if she just had the chance but for someone who lost a baby, she didn't seem to upset by that at all , going out partying is not my idea of what i would be doing after i just lost my unborn child, it completley changed my view of her.


Looking at some of her tweets she doesn't seem too upset for someone who just had a miscarriage.

@ Jasmine

Agreed, Jasmine. Seems more likely that she had an abortion, not a miscarriage. The timing is VERY suspect and she doesn't seem remotely sad...

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