Chris Brown on Rihanna Interview: All Good!

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Rihanna knew she'd be grilled about Chris Brown during her new interview with Rolling Stone, and he was reportedly both aware of this and supportive.

According to insiders, she told him about the sit-down before it was published.

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“He already knew Rihanna was going to talk about their relationship before she even did the interview,” a source said. “It’s not like he was blindsided at all.

“They already talked about that days ago. He already knew what to expect."

"You already know how Rihanna feels about Chris by now; she says it time and time again all the time. He feels the exact same way about her.”

Brown wants to move on from the past, though, and focus on the present:

“He good though, he don’t want to think about s**t that happened years ago. He’s done talking about that. He’s past it and is a better man because of it.”

Rihanna was remarkably candid with RS, telling the magazine that even if you think Chris is a “monster,” he’s actually a fun guy who she loves and adores.

The “Nobody’s Business” singer realizes there will be backlash, but says it's her mistake to make, and wants the world to know one very important thing:

Chris Brown really is a changed man!

The Unapologetic singer, 24, concedes that her boyfriend "does not have the luxury of f*%king up" again, but that he has also “paid his dues.”

“He’s not the monster everybody thinks. He’s a good person, he has a fantastic heart. He’s giving and loving and fun to be around," she gushes.

"That’s what I love about him. He always makes me laugh."

"All I want to do is laugh, and that’s really what I do with him.”

That and post Chris Brown shirtless pics on Twitter. Obviously.

Have you lost respect for Rihanna for taking Chris back?


Riri jst live chris alone i guess he doesnt love you......stop forcing him to love you..stay away


Rih u a grown woman now just follow ur heart and it wil be alright.relationship is all about unerstanding and tolerance and things wil work out 4 good


It's really not that serious for ppl to be up her ass. As long as your not getting beat don't worry about it.. Rihanna is 24 years old she is grown, and can make grown decisions. People do what they want so so can she. Lol. Get over it. The heart wants what it wants. And if you ever been in love then you'll know how much it hurts not to be with that person...


I love you Riri.Follow ur heart.Yes if Chris is a mistake,is ur mistake and we learn frm mistakes.Wish u da best.

@ lerato

shut up riri dont know your so get a life


american news is Old News today.

@ abe

do you know that i am american so dont say that youlike facky


She ain't no role model, she's just an ass with no self-respect. Chris Brown beat her like a man, a man that he is not, but the next time he does it, she'll be getting what she asked for! They are both low class in my book!


also- and this goes for any celebrity: while they are role models to a degree, they should not be significant role models, especially for young kids. if your child starts drinking or smoking pot because Miley does it or Rihanna does it, blaming that on Miley/Rihanna is a parental cop-out. If your child has no one to look up to for guidance on good behaviour except for a stranger like Rihanna, that's your fault as the parent. It's not Rihanna's job to raise your child. If you don't want your kid acting crazy, get off the internet and into their life. That, to me, is like blaming video games for massacres. It's scapegoating something totally irrelevant because you don't want to take the blame for your crappy child.


I think it's really common for the public/fans to become WAY too involved and emotionally invested in the personal lives and relationships of celebrities. Girls send death threats to Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez for dating singers like Justin or Harry that they have "claimed" for themselves in their own minds. I do agree with Rihanna that at the end of the day, if her getting back with Chris means her getting back into that cycle of abuse, that's her mistake because she knows what he's capable of doing. I think her fans should try to be supportive of her decisions, even if they don't personally agree with them. Rihanna, I think, has a brand geared more toward older girls, not young children, so her actions probably won't influence children as much as someone like Miley Cyrus did 2 or 3 years ago.

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