Bristol Palin Stalker Proposes to Star, Hit With Restraining Order

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Bristol Palin received a marriage proposal from a creepy stalker and promptly sought a restraining order after he showed up at her mom's house on her son's birthday.

Yep, all of that happened.

Bristol Palin Legs

According to court documents, Bristol Palin obtained a temporary restraining against Michael Cummings, a 39-year-old Texan she claims she's never met.

Their only contact? An engagement ring he sent her in the mail, along with a note saying, "I (heart) you." That's not strange or uncomfortable at all.

Bristol alleges Cummings was spotted at her mom Sarah Palin's house on December 27, Tripp's 4th birthday, at which point she immediately filed for protection.

She's hoping to make the order permanent at a hearing this month.

Palin's not exaggerating, it sounds like. Cummings' own mom called local police to tell them her "unstable" son was in town to see her, so clearly he's got issues.

At least she has new BF Joey Junker to protect her as well.

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Poor Bristol! Time for her to spit out all her anger at the Obama girls because they get favorable media coverage and she doesn't. They get to go to all those elite schools and look so wholesome-and her Mom wants the Palin kids to look like valley trash and look like they are walking the streets begging for a handout. Seems like people are bigots and favor Blacks.


Another PR stunt for attention eh Bristle? You wanted riches and fame so get used to it. Happens to every celebrity if we can even call you that. Stop selling your stories to tabloids for attention so you can whine about what a poor "victim" you are before America gets a restraining order against YOU and your fam damily.