Mel Gibson's 57th Birthday is Today

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Mel Gibson celebrates another birthday today. The oft-troubled actor is 57.

The movie legend has experienced quite a free fall in the last 5-6 years.

Hopefully, 2013 is a better, happier, quieter 12-month period for ol' Mel.

Good Old Mel

To say his image has taken a hit is putting it mildly. But images can be rehabilitated with effort and sincerity - and simple, relative calm. No news is often good news.

We'd like nothing more than to forget the DUI arrest, the alleged anti-Semitic views, and Mel Gibson's insane rants against Oksana Grigorieva and Joe Eszterhas.

The question is whether he'll ever let us.

With any luck (and a little counseling), Mel, who's been linked to Ashley Cusato or late, will right the angry ship and remind us why he became a film icon.

Happy birthday, big guy.

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