Joey Junker: Dating Bristol Palin!

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Bristol Palin apparently has a new boyfriend in Joey Junker, a professional snowmobiler! Or snow machine racer, some might call his profession.

Either way, Joey's junk is totally in that trunk.

Bristol Palin: New Face

Not long ago, Bristol Palin and Gino Paoletti, her first serious boyfriend following her split from baby daddy Levi Johnston, were considering marriage.

For whatever reason, that didn't work out ... and Joey Junker - a lifelong Alaska resident with a talent for riding and adventure - is now in the picture.

Their relationship is still new, but insiders say the single mom is "smitten."

"She really likes him! She is a quiet person, so [she] hasn't been gushing about him, but she has been texting with him a lot the past few weeks," a source says.

"Someone asked about her 'boyfriend,' and she turned bright red blushing!"

"[Bristol] has said she's at a good place in her life right now... she wants to be cautious about the guys she allows into her life these days ... she is taking it slow."

As for her former fake finace? Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby, who recently welcomed his second child, daughter Breeze Beretta, got married Sunday.

Here's wishing Bristol and Joey the best in their fledgling romance. No wonder she's selling her car ... she can hitch rides in his snow machine now.



Never hear about Bristol's latest love any more. Saw where she tried to get all her fans to vote for Junker in the snow machine competition and instead it ended up costing him the votes. Toad's Iron Dog partner's daughter won the contest--that must have been awkward with Bristol and Sarah both making Facebook entries encouraging their fans to vote for Junker instead of Carly Davis, who won. But then again, Palins have never learned when it is best to not choose sides and say nothing at all.


Family of losers. Even Gramps and Uncle Upchuck are trying to get media attention. So full of themselves. Make all Alaskans look like they are uneducated and a family of hillbillies or trailer trash. Looks like Gramma Heath and little Trig are the only ones who aren't trying to cheat the Government. There is no way anyone would think this dysfunctional family has any Christian values.


Hasn't Bristol bought Joey yet--baby Tripsy wants her to buy him a new daddy. Only Palins would think this comment was cute and put it in their reality show--they think anyone can be bought for money.


Think it is about time for Mama Grizzly to go to Hollywood and talk some of her Christian friends into a reality series about Bristol and Joey and their trial marriage. Gino bailed on the adventure--so Mama needs to pimp the story with another star. If Joey does good at his new role, Mama rips off the State of Alaska again and Joey can audition for Dancing with the Stars since the Cougar Mom has turned him into a Star, Palin style.

@ Cole

"So a man think, so is he". No class, no morals...just dysfunctional!


So the Palins weren't able to scam the voting on Slednecks. They thought they could rack up the votes by both Sarah and Bristol encouraging all their fans to vote for him. He didn't win--would have done much better without the Palins trying to turn this all into a popularity contest rather than one based on skill. Mama Palin is trying sooooooooooooo hard to make the snow mobile racing something that should be an Olympic event and then she could push her tomcat into trying out. Just because you can afford to ride on a snow mobile it doesn't mean that you are a man.

@ Carly

It would be better to ride the snow...than blowing it (up her nose) off of a barrel. By the way how is $arah's slander lawsuit going against McGinnis. Who exposed her for the fraud that she is. Remember her little flippy-floppy with the black guy...snorting coke that was exposed in his book and SHE was going to sue him for slander?


Probably this is all just a scam. Gino has bailed from Bristol's next rip off of Alaska State funds/reality show so she is interviewing for someone who is good looking and will be a fan favorite for her show about living in her new house and having a trial marriage. If Joey gets a lot of fan support, he gets to be the actor. If not, he can waltz out the door like Levi, Ben, Gino, and all the other partners for the night. Bristol's bedroom door seems to always be opening and closing--good family values for this spoiled little rich girl who enjoys the life of a Hollywood star.


Why can't you people in the lower 48 see what Alaskans already know--the Palins will do or say anything if Sarah thinks it will make them money. She loves money more than her own family. Sarah is calculating that Joey Junker will become famous and she will be able to sell a reality series about the Iron Dog race, starring her husband. She pretends it is such a long grueling race--simply not true. The Iron Dog is a fun snowmachine competition where guys can be guys and show what they are spending all their money on. Rich guys hobby--Todd used to sell the machines until his partnership broke up when his wife had an affair with his partner. Family values, Palin style!


Real question is whether Joey Junker is also smitten or if he is more mature and doesn't act like a fifth grader telling the world about his love life. Or is Bristol Palin a stalker of Joey and just follows him around and uses her large fan base to get him votes. How is that working for you, Palins?


Looks like Joey Junker lost because of his relationship with Sarah and Bristol Palin. Kind of like how McCain lost because his running partner was Sarah Palin and she clearly was just a paid cheerleader with no brains. Palins never should have encouraged all their fans to vote for Joey--you vote for someone because they are the best candidate not because of Mama Palin's fan base and her future plans to make money from the Iron Dog video. Whoever is the next boyfriend for Bristol should make it clear to her that their relationship has to be based on feelings rather than how fast she can spin the stories for media attention.


Well done, Bristol and Sarah, well done. I tried to cast my votes and only ones that would be counted were for Joey Junker. Seems like all the fans on Dancing with the Stars found that true last time you were on the show. Wonder if winning was so important that you had to cheat. Think Joey's victory was pretty hollow--he didn't win because of his own skill but owes it all because the Palins could teach their fan base how to cheat. Course it helps that all the Palins are favorites at FOX and get interviewed there all the time.....probably were there when the votes were being counted.

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