Brandi Glanville: LeAnn Rimes is Insane (and Eddie Cibrian's Sugar Mama)!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville did not hold back (does she ever) regarding LeAnn Rimes on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Monday.

She referred to the country star as "insane."

Le Ann Rimes Cleavage
Poor Brandi

Implying that LeAnn Rimes is crying wolf with her "emotional" interviews of late, Brandi mused, “Everyday there’s a tell-all ... It’s kind of cray-cray!”

Cray-cray or not, the drama between Brandi and LeAnn, who married Glanville's ex Eddie Cibrian, is very real, and seemingly never-ending.

Host Andy Cohen asked Brandi if she thought Eddie, a moderately successful actor, glommed on to country superstar LeAnn as a sugar mama.

“It’s true, yeah,” Brandi said, confirming that Eddie had always wanted to live in a big house in an affluent community, which he and Rimes now do.

Fellow guest star Hoda Kotb added that “the way you got him is the way you’ll lose him,” a reference to Eddie cheating on Brandi Glanville with LeAnn.

Asked point blank if she feels LeAnn is insane, Brandi said, “Insane? Yes I do!”

Brandi said she knows LeAnn religiously watches The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, recalling how her son Jake saw it and said. “That’s [LeAnn's] favorite show!”

Apparently so is Watch What Happens Live.

During the broadcast, LeAnn took to Twitter, very possibly responding to Brandi, writing, “Wow the texts from my friend. KISSES and KMA,” as in, “Kiss My A**.”

So it goes.


I'm not for either team Leann or team Brandi. I think they could both learn something from Leann's ex-husband by taking the higher road (Dean Sheremet). Just don't respond to each other. Get busy with your lives and start making music or whatever it is you two do.
Does Dean twitter about Eddie? Does he do interview after interview about how crazy Eddie is or what a cheat he is. Leann and Brandi remind me of highschool chippies who have to get the last word in. HOWEVER, I would have to say that Leann is the one who can't keep her emotions and twittering in control. Brandi has the upperhand and Leann is just ending up looking like a fool.

@ JJay

Yes, Dean does make comments about the things that Leann tweets and says in her interviews. For some odd reason what he says gets ignored by sites like this.

Lori anne ferullo

O" by the way when LeAnn is on the stage she was drunk an everyone had I noticed it , She won't stop hugging the poor girl I felt so bad for her ,she like can you let me go NOW , Really right on national TV in front of audience cone on. It looks like LeAnn should go back to rehab again what is with her???

Lori anne ferullo
@ Lori-Anne Ferullo

hit the wrong key (ooops!) " It's COME ON " not cone

Lori anne ferullo

LeAnn is a nut bag with it comes to Brandi, what LeAnn did to Brandi's marriage was very nasty and what if it happen to Her would she like it cuz it will one of these days , LeAnn is a "homewrecker" for sure, an she needs to grow up.....


I can't wait until the Spit Fire album is finally in my hands! (big smile) God bless you and LeAnn always!!! Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her) P.S. By the way, is Brandi still without a drivers license due to her DUI a couple of years ago?

@ Holly

You, the same person who kept telling people to move and stop talking about Eddie and Leann's affair? Why are Leann's fans such hypocrites? How do you know that Brandi doesn't have a driver's license? Because that is what Leann told you? So once again we have proof via HOLLY that Leann keeps up this fued with Brandi by telling her fans lies about Brandi. Brandi has been photographed driving, so there is a problem with HOLLY's statement. Holly, Leann and Eddie photographed with alcohol in their hands all the time, Leann even had alcohol while she was holding Brandi's son. Leann was even involved in a hit a run after drinking with Eddie. So what is your point.


LeAnn is a wackes out bitch. Lay off the coke honey your douhebag poor little me why I'd everyone picking on me shit is old like ypu

Lori anne ferullo
@ mrs j

I agree with is all the way, I can't stand her for what she had done . LeAnn is a "Homewrecker" !


Wow, Brandi really bashes LeAnn every chance she gets! Your husband cheated one you years ago, remarried, and MOVED ON. Why can't you move on too? Did you ever stop to think why no one wants to date you???

@ Jenny

You can't understand why Brandi won't move on? Could have something to do with the fact that every week Leann gives an exclusive interview about her affair with Brandi's husband and how her body wouldn't let her stop sleeping with Eddie? Or how about how Leann is going on shows like Leno and Jimmy Kimmel to sing a song about how she was sleeping with Brandi's husband? Leann's fans are hypocrites and full of double standards. It's Leann Rimes who bashes Brandi every chance she gets. Just look at how Leann keeps sending her fans from twitter to these sites to make comments and then rewards those same fans with free concert tickets. So your logic is flawed. If you want Brandi to move on, then you might want to tell your friend, Leann to cancel her interview with Jimmy Kimmel and to stop singing Borrowed. Did you and Leann ever stop to think why no one wants to date Leann, including Eddie? Stop blaming Brandi, Leann is her own worst enemy. Leann had no right giving interviews to E, Katie, ET, Leno, and now Jimmy K. And when Brandi speaks up, you want to blame her?


It's funny that once again the media is acting like Leann is the victim. Leann sits on twitter every day making passive aggressive digs at Brandi, yet sites like this never ever see it. Why? It's obvious that something is wrong with Leann because what type of person does the things she does?

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