LeAnn Rimes Slams Brandi Glanville, Denies Anorexia and Addiction to Laxatives

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LeAnn Rimes is firing back at Brandi Glanville's comments that she is addicted to laxatives and is calling The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star out for calling her out publicly.

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Last week, Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife Glanville accused LeAnn, who Cibrian infamously left her for, of being a terrible stepmother to Brandi and Eddie's two young sons.

Specifically, Brandi claimed LeAnn carelessly let one of the boys eat one of her laxatives, making him sick, and that Rimes pops pills 24/7 due to a "serious eating disorder."

Cibrian stood up for his wife and called out Glanville in the aftermath of that outburst, saying she had every chance to discuss this privately but did not do so.

Now LeAnn, who has battled anorexia rumors in the past and recently checked into rehab for stress and anxiety issues, is slamming Brandi's "outlandish allegations."

Rimes says she has no diseases or addictions, and while she's tried to remain silent in the past out of respect for their families, she's reached her threshold of "harassment."

LeAnn tells TMZ:

"It's a shame to have one party constantly spreading lies. I know this drama is exactly what she wants to create. But Eddie and I hope for everyone's sake, this changes."

The tension between the pair is not new. Their Twitter feuds have been going on as long as Rimes and Cibrian have been married, and have escalated lately.

Brandi Glanville has yet to respond ... give it a few minutes.


I've read elsewhere that the eaten laxative was found on the floor. since when is it okay to eat what you find on the floor? God bless you and Mason always!!! Holly in East Tennessee


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@ Sven Erlandson

Please invest in some kind of publicity. No one is buying your book on this blog. It's pathetic- it's not free ad space, you mirinZ


she is just turning into a grumpy old lady.
"Alzheimer" is showing his face.
...............SO DON'T BLAME HER!!


Whether or not LeAnn is addicted to laxatives, LeAnn should not have carelessly left that laxative lying around like that. And, I am actually surprised that that dirtbag playa Eddie hasn't cheated on LeAnn...yet. When Eddie does cheat on LeAnn...look out...KARMA KARMA!!!!!


Ummmm....of course she is taking laxatives and who knows what else. Leann is so insecure and delusional that she thinks she can look like a model like Brandi. She has been bullying Brandi for years and has tried to morph into Brandi. I don't know how Brandi stayed silent all this time. When it affected her kids she finally could not take anymore, I guess. I am glad Brandi is finding ways to support her children since Eddie left her with nothing to live the vacation life with Leann.


Sorry but Leann is likely anorexic and had laxatives lying around. Leann deserves all the negative press she gets she is completely insensitive to Brandi and has a history of cruel taunts on Twitter. Team Brandi!

@ beth



Brandi is as TRASHY as they come. She is so desperate for money and attention, she keeps throwing LeAnn under the bus just to remain relevant. It's pathetic! Yes, Eddie cheated on her and that sucks. But Eddie has remarried and moved...Brandi needs to do the same!

@ Team LeAnn

Eddie is the one desperate for money and attention. He is a fame whore and that's why he chose Leann (more famous). Leann should be ashamed being careless and it leading to a child getting sick. She is trashy. As for Eddie, he's absolutely disgusting. Both he and Leann caused this mess, not Brandi.


What a special kind of hell to be in, watching your cheating ex husband with some witch with your children while they build their lives publicly. Don't envy any of them.


As a divorced parent, it seems Brandi n LeAnne n the husband need to put aside their personal issues n try n get along for the children. Brandi n LeAnne it will get easier after yrs have passes. You both need to build a good relatinship as friend because the children will see it n be more happier
Remeber children see everything. All children want is to see EVERYONE GET ALONG. It benifits in the lomg run for the kids. Brandi im sure as a child yerself growing up im sure yer own parents never put a helmet on yer head. An as for laxative, yes that is frightening, my own child went thru it with my ex husbands n his wife. I can see yer concern
I dont belame you their but remeber as parents accidents will happen. Im sure you had a few when they were in yer care not due to any wrong doing its just things happen . Best thing would of to talk politely n sit down her her n yer ex and talk about like adults n saying wait everyone ok. Thats whats most important. Its the christmas season i hope yall can put yer own bittness to the side and all be friends as a family cas that is what all the kids want seeing everyone smiling n being one happy family. I know one day you n leanne will be real good friends n both have good laughs. N all kids will say.....I grew up with great family i was truely blessed cas evertone cares and loves us.
good luck. Merry Christmas.


first off this womans claim to fame is marrying an actor who saw thru her plastic shell and left her for a very talented woman who made her own name in the industry. brandi who haw needs to just go away and do what she is best known to do....nothing

@ mandy

She did do something. She was a wife and mother for 11 YEARS. She thought they had a life together. She did not know she should be out making a living because her husband was going to cheat on her.

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