Brandi Glanville Book Describes LeAnn Rimes-Eddie Cibrian Affair in Hilarious Detail

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Brandi Glanville certainly isn’t holding back when it comes to slamming her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, and his new wife, LeAnn Rimes, in her new book.

Not that you'd expect otherwise, but still. She goes all-out!

Brandi in the House
Mr. & Mrs. Cibrian

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s memoir unveils new details about Cibrian and Rimes’ affair, including how Brandi found out and how Eddie responded.

In one excerpt, Glanville recounts how she was devastated upon learning of Eddie’s affair with his co-star, only to watch him deny it and seduce her.

“I’m not entirely sure how I ended up on the floor of my closet sobbing,” she writes.

“A teary-eyed Eddie found me lying there minutes later, and without saying a word, started kissing me all over ... he pulled off my workout pants and we started having sex right there."

“He swore up and down that it wasn’t true, that it was completely innocent. In that moment, it was easier to believe him, because I just couldn’t stand the thought of being without him.”

Despite Cibrian’s claims to the contrary, the model says she knew something was going on between Eddie and LeAnn, who met on the set of Lifetime's Northern Lights in 2008.

Brandi Glanville recalls in Drinking & Tweeting (available February 12):

“LeAnn had ‘accidentally’ smeared some cake frosting on her top (she was still a bigger girl and completely flat-chested at the time) and asked my husband, not realizing that I was standing behind the both of them, if he wanted lick it off her."

“This woman asked my husband if he wanted to eat frosting she’d dropped on her nonexistent chest? He hadn’t realized I was there, either, and he laughed with hungry eyes at the suggestion.”

Somewhere, LeAnn Rimes is pretending not to care about this.

Brandi says that even after he came clean, Eddie swore blind to her that “he'd never marry LeAnn, but that was just one of the countless lies he told me.”

In the end, Glanville offers this awesome parting shot:

“I would like to thank my ex-husband, Edward Cibrian, for giving me all the material I could ever need for this book and for helping me discover the strong independent woman inside of me.”

Eddie Cibrian? Served.


Brandi! WOW! Thank You! My goodness you are AWESOME! I am spchselees… I had to show my appreciation for all you have done for me by writing a little something about you and all you have to offer on your site. ;o) You are (as I have said in the past) an Inspirational Artist! Have a good vacation and I’ll see you when you return! Thanks again and thanks for being you!CariCari recently posted


Brandi needs to get over it how many years have passed his clearly made his choice how he did it was not good but it happened move on already n leave them be


i think the book is brandi's major step in moving on after ending the marriage that devastated her.... she is strong and independent...Good luck to Brandi


Leann needs professional help. All three of them need to realize that children are involved that will one day read all about this and be mortified


Grow up Brandi - Your need for vendictiveness is getting old and tiresome (that goes for LeAnn as well). LeAnn did not "steal" your husband - no one can steal someone elses husband. Eddie left you on his own accord. Brandi's marriage was over long before LeAnn entered into the picture due to Eddie's infidelities. Keep in mind that Eddie screwed around with another young woman and had a 2 yr. affair with her before he met LeAnn. As for LeAnn, she has no class either! Her best bet would have been to ride off into the sunset QUIETLY with no-good Eddie and keep a low profile. But to literally flaunt her love affair with Eddie and publicly boast about how much his children have taken to her as if they were her own was stooping to a new low. Shame on BOTH of them! Brandi consistently puts herself in the direct line of fire with her smart mouth, then plays the sympathy card as to how she was only "telling it like it is" and being honest, then cries when others confront her about her sarcasim. LeAnn consistently flaunts herself in front of the cameras declaring her love between she and Eddie, then pulls the victim card when others attack her for it. They both make me sick. *sigh*


I'm not into mud-slinging, but good for Brandi. I think Brandi is the more mature one. I've never been angry at Leann for having an affair with Ediot. I've been mad at the way she has taunted Brandi when she should have kept her mouth shut, or talked to a psychiatrist about it. Yes, a psychiatrist, not a psychologist, because Leeann probably needs to be on medication if she isn't already. First Leann takes Brandi's husband, kids, and essentially her house and means of paying bills and then has the nerve to say nasty things about Brandi. Brandi should have been allowed to have a little time to be pissed at Leann without Leann biting back.
Do I bet Brandi's book is true? Yep, every word of it. Why? Because she has nothing to lose.
Leann is pathetic and Ediot is very selfish $$$$ not to give Brandi some decency and try to detour Leann from being mean to the mother of his children. Sad.


I wonder how LeAnn feels about Eddie seducing Brandi hahaaha

@ Amanda

Yup, you can't make that shiitt up! "Closet, work-out pants..." etc. If you were making it up, a person would be more glamorous and dramatic.


P.s. team brandi all the way. Super excited to see her back on her feet and happy. She deserves all good things. Just my opinion:)


It's Brandi's fault that LeAnn is coming apart at the seams...
If she weren't 1000 times better looking, with a much better body, poor LeAnn might not feel so insecure to the point of driving herself insane.


Why are you, whoever you are "Ronnie Corral" posting the same 'anti-brandi/leann needs to be respected since she is his wife' ridiculousness over and over and over again. Its weird.

@ bella

It's NOT weird I posted from my Sis's Smart Phone it duplicated it I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DELETE IT.

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