Arrest in Sextortion Case Made, Man Apprehended for Nude Photo Coercion

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Gary Kazaryan, a 27-year old man from Glendale, Arizona, was arrested yesterday after introducing the world to the term "sextortion" and allegedly hacking into the social media/email account of over 350 women.

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FBI agents have charged Kazaryan with multiple counts of computer intrusion and aggravated identity theft because he reportedly stole online passwords and posed as various females, contacting their friends and somehow coaxing them into posing for naked pictures.

If convicted across the board, Kazaryan faces 105 years behind bars.

When the victims discovered someone had been pretending to be their friend, Kazaryan used his "fraudulently obtained" pictures to "again coerce the victims to remove their clothing on camera," according to the U.S. attorney's office.

If the victims did not heed his requests, Kazaryan would pose lewd images of them on Facebook.

Overall, authorities recovered approximately 3,000 pictures of naked or nearly naked women on Kazaryan's computer.