THG Celebrity of the Year: Kristen Stewart!

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We've arrived at #1.

Over the past couple weeks, THG has been counting down the stars that made 2012 such a memorable year, from their sex tapes to their Billboard hits to their nude photos and royal babies.

We ranked Kate Middleton at #4, followed by Taylor Swift and then Rihanna at #2. Who does that leave as our undisputed Celebrity of the Year?


Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn Part 2

The actress starred in two blockbusters this year: Snow White and the Huntsman and Breaking Dawn Part 2. She also established some indie cred via On the Road.

But let's face it: these roles are not the main reason Stewart made so many headlines in 2012.

Instead, Kristen's most buzzed-about accomplishment (perhaps for the rest of her years) will be her affair with Rupert Sanders, a story made for this tabloid age and made even more unprecedented when Stewart actually came out and admitted to the scandal!

Her statement and public apology to Robert Pattinson may go down as the year's most shocking moment.

This relationship - previously kept under wraps as much as possible by the duo involved - was suddenly front page news. Would they get back together? What, exactly, happened between Stewart and Sanders? How would it affect the Breaking Dawn box office?

In the end, the film fared well and Kristen and Rob appear back together.

Other numbers/facts related to Stewart's big year include:

  • She became the face of Balenciaga perfume in June.
  • She ranked #7 on AskMen's list of Top 99 Women.
  • She earned $34.5 million, more than any actress over the past 12 months.
  • She was named one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood.

Without The Twilight Saga, but with Pattinson, what does 2013 hold for Kristen Stewart? Marriage? Pregnancy? Another hit film?

THG will be there every step of the way to find out. Won't you join us?


kristen stewart you very amazing. you're very beautiful.


Kristen Stewart....Hell Yeah!!!! She is celebrity of the year not for her scandal as you would call it, but because she is beautiful and talented. Hope the new year does well for her. Oh BTW, "clitt" the biggest loser of the year is you and the biggest winner is Rob. Hey "starla", Kristen does contribute to charity only she doesn't flaunt where she floats her bucks for pats on her back. Kristen has a beautiful smile only the paps choose to publish pics of her not smiling. So...Gotcha.


Kris is my favorite EVERY YEAR!!!!!!!!!!


Kristen Stewart is celebrity of the year? For what??? A series of bad movies, sullen faces, a public scandal and (admittedly) some amazing dresses? Sooo... celebrity of the year didn't need to do anything to deserve accolades - like make charitable contributions, put in effort to make the world a better place, or even just SMILE? Gotcha.


the LOSER of the year?
........ROBBERT PATTINSON, folks!!


cool boy,Kristen Stewart!


hi hru nice pic


She is our own an American we need to take care of our own. We teach & guide the young ones even an old old adult made mistakes & commit adultery . She is single the media ?world crucified her a lot of time . We don't even know if she truly loves Robert Pattinson or just display & a publicity stunt. As I've said it's not our life we don't rush to judgments.


Do we have to keep castigating her it's been awhile. It's not our life it's her. WE need to pray & guide for healing & guidance for she is so very young. Am a mother actresses are role models too for the young ones. She isn't Angelina Jolie. besides, Rupert Sanders souiht & bpursued her. We know Kristen will ignore if he wasn't her Director. he is an ugly man. He should be sent home & the Rob also.


She's just remarkable!

@ jen

She's remarkable? How exactly...?
Yes she makes what the yoof would call "good" pop music, but she dresses like a tart.

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