Ryan Edwards to Maci Bookout: Marry Me!!

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Teen Mom star Maci Bookout got the surprise of her life on Twitter last week.

A marriage proposal. From oft-estranged baby daddy Ryan Edwards, no less.

Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards

After calling it quits with racer Kyle Regal and former beau Kyle King this year, Maci is single again - and Ryan apparently wants to put a stop to that. For good.

Whether she takes him up on that idea is another story entirely.

"Marry me!" Ryan Edwards tweeted. Bookout's response?

"ur s--t got hacked BRO! outta ur mind haha," she said.

Did his s--t get hacked? Not according to him. The ex-couple continued going back and forth, with Edwards responding, "I would never let that happen."

Maci Bookout played it coy, adding "idk what that means."

"its means that i want to get on one knee an tell you how much i love you," Edwards urged, but Maci - whether she believed him or not - wasn't having it.

"Twitter is not the place. ima kill u," she wrote. Ow.

It's not clear if the duo has rekindled their romance in any capacity, but Maci, 21, recently told E! News that she's "happily single," and that it was "awesome."

Their son, Bentley, was born in 2008. We wouldn't hold our breath for mom and dad to reconcile if we were him, but at least things are good between them.

Relative to 3-4 seasons of Teen Mom, anyway.


maci you and ryan make a good couple and i hope you guys would get back together. i saw your last show about you and i was like awww i hope you guys wrk thing out.


Hey Maci, I have missed your story on Teen Mom. You are alot like Leah on Teen Mom 2. You two are great role models for teen moms out there. You both seem to have you stuff together. Think about Ryan's maybe proposal with your heart not what everyone else tells you. Life i to short to think about what might of been. Good luck.


I think maci and Ryan should get back together and get there own tv show.

@ unknown

I think so 2 its so clear that Maci loves him but she is goin 2and shld voice how his actions and the things he says make her feel n that's what a relationship is srsly Ryan needs 2 open up 2 her the same way otherwise he gonna repeat that cycle w another girl n possibly have 2 baby mommas n he needa realize there isn't another like Maci she is an inspiration 2 me as I am a 21 year old single mother of soon to b 2 & 3 year old girls that I love very much so as ik she does her son. But I wish them the best of luck n ik things will work out for Maci either way as she I a strong independent inspirational woman

@ Effy

WTF did you write? Cant understand a word of it, and you're 21? Holy crap i hope your kid turns out smarter than you.

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