Woman Rides Manatee, Gets Arrested in Florida

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A Florida woman was caught on camera riding a manatee and was arrested Saturday on a charge of violating the Sunshine State’s Manatee Sanctuary Act.

Ana Gloria Garcia Gutierrez, 53, mounted the endangered marine mammal September 30.

Woman Rides Manatee
Cute Manatee

She turned herself in to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Florida shortly after authorities released pictures of her atop the creature, according to reports.

“[Gutierrez explained] she is new to the area and did not realize it was against the law to touch or harass manatees,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

An arrest warrant was issued for Gutierrez Saturday. She was taken into custody while working at Sears in St. Petersburg, according to law enforcement officials.

Witnesses provided deputies with photos of Gutierrez on her joyride and a description, but they were unable to locate her until she turned herself in.

FYI, the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act states:

“It is unlawful for any person at any time, by any means, or in any manner intentionally or negligently to annoy, molest, harass, or disturb or attempt to molest, harass, or disturb any Manatee.”

No manatees were injured by Gutierrez, at least.


Hell, last time I was in a bar in Florida I got too drunk and ended up in bed with a manatee. I could have used the cops' help then.


They look as if they are playing. But cops are dumb down there. That is why they have gangs


If the animal wanted her off he would have shaken her off. They were just playing...


Which one is the manatee?

@ Nappy

Good one :D


I would ride a sea mammal if I could. It's not like she hunted the thing down, it came to play with her.


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Whether you are new to an area or not, what person in their right mind would jump on a sea mammal and ride it? Also it says she turned herself in to police, so then why was she arrested at her job?... I'm just sayin :)

@ Confused

She was arrested because the police department wanted to send out a public message. A warrant for her arrest was issued, and instead of mailing it to her address or making a phone call, they chose to arrest her immediately. I'm sure they had plenty of other, more important people to arrest that day.