Happy 25th Birthday, Snooki!

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Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi from MTV's Jersey Shore, is now 25 years old.

Born in Chile and adopted by Italian-American parents, the 4'8" Snook drank and boned her way to reality TV stardom before - gasp - becoming a mom this year.

Even more shocking? She actually appears to be a pretty good one!

Snooki, Boobs
Snooki Mug Shot
Snooki, Makeup Free

Snooki. She is who she is. And she turned 25 on Black Friday.

Love or despise her, her tribulations on Jersey Shore have been the target of vitriolic disdain while giving the show an air of authenticity and mass appeal.

She goes hard. She gets it in. Or at least she used to.

She's the Princess of F*%king Poughkeepsie, b!tch, and while you never would've said so a few years ago, Lorenzo and Jionni LaValle are two lucky men.

With the sun setting on Jersey Shore this winter, we'd like to wish her a happy 25th birthday and reminisce about some of her finest moments below:

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Snooki Polizzi
Nicole Polizzi is a cast member on MTV's Jersey Shore. She fake-tans and acts like a bit of a skank. Then again that sums up the whole... More »
Poughkeepsie, New York
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