Twins Named Obama, Romney Born in Kenya

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President Barack Obama is a kind of a big deal in Kenya.

He was, after all, born there ... if you ask Ted Nugent.

In all seriousness, the recently reelected, Hawaiian-born Obama is half-Kenyan, as his father, the late Barack Obama Sr., was born and buried in East Africa.

His ties run deep, and Tuesday, Millicent Awuor was so inspired that she named her newborn son Barack Obama ... and his twin, born minutes later, Mitt Romney.

Obama, Romney Twins

"I named the first twin Barack and the second one Mitt," Awuor says of her bipartisan approach.

Still, she "stayed up all night and danced with joy" when she learned the 2012 election results.

Barack Obama: Natural-born U.S. citizen?


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Half of the people polled believe our President was born outside the USA? God, there are so many uneducated people in this country and apparently a lot of the read THG. Do some research, get some facts under your belts, Idiots.

@ Marissa

Its amazing that in the USA, there are so many uneducated and completely ignorant citizens. it makes you wonder what is being taught in our schools.

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