Election Results 2012: President Obama Defeats Mitt Romney, Wins Four More Years

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It all came down to this.

Could Democratic President Barack Obama pull it out and earn another four years in the White House? Or would Republican Mitt Romney be the next Commander-in-Chief?

The 2012 presidential election results took awhile to come into focus, but shortly after 11:00 p.m., the President surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

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Surprised? Outraged? Disgusted? Overjoyed? Relieved?

We'll be updating this post with the full numbers as they come in. For now, and throughout the night, sound off on how you feel about this historic night ...

UPDATE, 8:14 p.m. EST: President Obama currently has 64 electoral votes to Romney's 56, according to CNN projections. Romney leads in the popular vote, 51-48%.

Battleground states Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and New Hampshire have not been called. Polls in the western half of the U.S. are largely still open.

UPDATE, 8:43 p.m. EST: Romney 82 EV, Obama 64 after TN, AL and OK wins. Romney leads popular vote 52-47% with around 5 percent of the vote counted.

UPDATE, 9:10 p.m. EST: Romney 152 EV, Obama 123.

States won: Romney WV, SC, KY, TN, GA, AL, MS, LA, AR, OK, TX, KS, NE, SD, ND, WY; Obama IL, MI, NY, ME, MA, CT, RI, VT, NH, NJ, DE, DC.

Popular vote: Romney 13,846,143 (51%), Obama 13,032,317 (48%).

UPDATE, 9:35 p.m. EST: Romney 18,566,134-17,880,270 (50-48%).

UPDATE, 9:45 p.m. EST: Obama wins Pennsylvania, despite a late push by his Republican challenger in the Keystone State. Romney 152 EV, Obama 143.

UPDATE, 10:02 p.m. EST: Romney wins Utah, leads in EV 158-143.

UPDATE, 10:04 p.m. EST: Obama wins N.H., trails 158-147.

UPDATE, 10:41 p.m. EST: Slightly different electoral vote counts at CBS (184-162) and NBC (174-172), but still no calls in Florida, Ohio, Virginia or North Carolina.

Romney retains a sizable popular vote lead, with 33,128,038 votes (51%) to Obama's 31,535,842 (48%) despite the President running strong in battleground states.

UPDATE: 10:52 p.m. EST: Arizona's 11 electoral votes fall for Romney, while Minnesota's 10 fall into Obama's column, bringing the EV tally to 169-157 Mitt.

UPDATE: 11:03 p.m. EST: Obama wins California (55), Hawaii (4) and Washington State (12), while Romney adds Montana (3) and Idaho (4) to his column.

UPDATE: 11:04 p.m. EST: In a pair of breaking swing state projections, Wisconsin (10) has now been called for Obama and North Carolina (15) for Romney.

Current CNN electoral vote count: Obama 238, Romney 191. RealClearPolitics count: Obama 244-204. Virginia, Ohio and Florida are still too close to call.

Any of the above would go a long way toward reelecting Obama, and it appears likely he will win at least one of the three, if not two or even all three.

UPDATE: 11:11 p.m. EST: Iowa goes for Obama, growing his lead to 244-191 in the Electoral College. He still trails in the popular vote for 1-2 percent.

UPDATE: 11:12 p.m. EST: New Mexico added to Obama's column. 249-191.

UPDATE: 11:15 p.m. EST: Obama wins Oregon. His EV lead: 256-191.

UPDATE: 11:16 p.m. EST: Romney wins Missouri, bringing him to 201.

UPDATE: 11:19 p.m. EST: CNN calls a narrow victory in Ohio for Obama, giving him 274 electoral votes and another four years in the White House.

UPDATE: 11:30 p.m. EST: Romney still leads in the popular vote, 42,126,133-41,334,227 (50-49%). Alaska, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia and Florida have yet to be called.

UPDATE: 5:30 a.m. EST, 11/7: Obama won Colorado, Nevada and Virginia, with Alaska going for Romney and Florida still not called by the New York Times.

Seems to happen there a lot like this, but it's a moot point, with Obama winning the electoral college 303-206, no matter what happens in the Sunshine State.

Despite trailing early, Obama also scored a small but undisputed popular vote victory, winning 50% of the vote (59,558,059) to Romney's 48% (56,936,172).

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U.S. presidential election 2012: Who'd you vote for?


Funny how people do not like truth. No comments about my Nov. 9th statement. Country would go to hell in a handbasket if Mitthew was elected. How could you represent 53% of the country and ignore 47% of it. God bless America!!!


God help this country with Obama as President


Mitthew is an asshole. So glad the country was able to see through all his bullshit. You can't make statements during your campaine and flip flop like a fish out of water depending on the audience you are speaking to. As a black man, it is wonderful to see my race come full circle. The Whitehouse was built by black hands. It is only fitting Obama sits in the Whitehouse today. The country is moving forward and will never go back to the white, devil, mean spirited times again.


stupid monkey


4 more years ... 4 more years.. romney would had destroy our country if he had won.. all he cares about are his rich friends.. he not for the 99%


4 more years .. 4 more years.. romney would had destroy this country if he had won. all he cares about are his rich friends .. he not for the 99%

@ angel rodriguez

and all you spics care about is a black president that gives out handouts.... try getting jobs...

@ mike

Reading your comment suggests nourishment that only feeds the ego, not the soul.Have the pages of history taught you nothing? Since the beginning of time, hate has fueled our hearts. Sadly this still seems to be the common denominator. Hate is forever present. Only the faces change of who we are told to hate. Hate is the real enemy which a lot of people forget.It is not about Obama or Romney or what they politic. It is how you react to various factions and for you it channels hate, resentment, fear etc. I was that little boy who displayed such defects in character which prompted hate in my thoughts and actions. Not a good way to think or act if one wants to aspire to their higher good. For me I had to embrace gratitude which are parents of all other virtues. One can serve and make a difference with this vision of reality.

@ mike

I couldn't have said it any better!!!!!!!!!!! These idiots only vote for the handouts and don't see what the dems and their love for growing the government is doing to this country....


listen: if you like it or not, THE WORLD IS CHANGING.
it will continue to change.
if you said in 1955 we had a black president in 2009, people would think you suffered ALZHEIMER!!
marrying LESBIANS?
........THE SAME THING!! when people voted for mitt they voted for going back to the past. ...................now we're going "Back To The Future"!!


I will never give the time of day, a tip, a benefit of the doubt to another minority or another single white "Liberal" woman- American is going to hell and it's time to let the shit of the land suffer! It's time to distribute misery.

@ Republican

WOW! People like you make me sick. "Shit of the land"? I am a liberal woman. A liberal woman who has a full time salary job as a chemist. Who at 28 owns her home, just married a great guy, has minimal debt, and can take care of herself. I went to college on government money, because my mother was a single mother who raised me to be a good person, to be able to take care of myself. She also taught me that awesome christian value of loving your fellow man, and helping those in need. I have friends that are having a rough go of it, due to divorce etc. These people need help. But because I want to make sure that those around me are helped out (you know, feed the starving, shelter the homeless, heal the sick...all those Jesusy things), I am the "shit of the land"? Get your head on straight....

@ Republican

One term President my ass! So glad to know that people can see through all the lies that stuttering asshole Romney tried to feed us.


Maybe you didn't hear me idiot the people.... say it with me the PEOPLE has SPOKEN ...let me give you a word of advice DON'T BET ON LOSERS


Everyone-whites, blacks, asians, Natives, etc-built this country, not just whites.

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