Ted Nugent on Election: Rocker Laments "Spiritual Suicide," "Subhuman Varmint" Obama Voters

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It was only a matter of time.

Conservative, outspoken rocker Ted Nugent responded to the 2012 election results as only he can, lambasting President Obama's victory and his supporters.

Ted Nugent Rocks

After Obama won reelection over Republican Mitt Romney Tuesday night, Nugent was beside himself ... and aired his pointed displeasure on Twitter:

"Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters have a president to destroy America," he wrote, and was nowhere near done with 50.4% of the nation.

Nugent went on to rip Obama voters, asking, "What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cell phones birth control abortions & lives."

The Twitter monologue went on a while longer. Read the whole thing below:

Nugent Tweets 1
Nugent Tweets 2

Considering that this year he urged attendees of an NRA convention to "chop heads off, "a remark that earned him a visit from the Secret Service, this wasn't too bad.

Nugent, Donald Trump, Victoria Jackson and Stacey Dash should form some kind of support group. Preferably one that encourages bow-hunting.

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Sorry to say-But Mr Nugent is totally correct. One of the things that made America great was the limited role Government had in a persons life. Now all that, has changed. You think its so great to live in a Socialistic System, well in the next 4 years you will have your chance to find out......FIRSTHAND

@ Johan from Sweden

Unfortunately those of us that didn't vote for him also get to find out FIRSTHAND!


Ted Nugent - dodged the Vietnam draft due to "deferments" - nuff said.


Nugent is in no position to lecture anybody on decency. I don't care what legal loophole he used to get away with shacking up with a sixteen-year-old back in the '80s. It doesn't make him any less of a child molester.


Oh, and "real world" (ironic) is a cry baby little twat bitch. I am impressed, however, at your ability to type on your rented lap top with Mitt Romney's tiny Mormon flaccid dick in your mouth! That takes skill! How does that loose loser skin taste? Like failure mixed with corn chips and a tinge of sour cheese? You are a fucking moron.

@ Duh

Here lies your problem- you measure character, moral fiber, worthiness and power all according to the size of the dick. Yes indeed- you are a lost tribe, your are alone, you are brainwashed, you are caught up in the trash in the media, you have sold your soul, you are the sewer of society, you are on an island, and most of all you are hopeless.

@ Duh

Trash like you are exactly what will make this country fall. You along with 51% of the "Bowel waste" in this country put your social issues ahead of providing for your family in this country. Romney=Jobs- Obama= more lies to the lazy. This country will indeed fall- make no mistake about it. A % of this country will look up in 6 months and say- I cannot beleive I was influenced by another male with nothing but lies- JUST AS YOU HAVE DONE SO MANY TIMES BEFORE IN YOUR LIFE! You don't want to succeed! You want to bring others down to your lower standards and misery! Hey- It's gonna get crowded- ahhhhhhh Duuuuuuhhh! It also is going to get ugly! When 2 dogs start biting each other- then and only then will you see what your arrogance and your racist bigotry has brought to the surface. Rented? No! We ( Republicans) own and we will never ever contribute another thing to you & yours! Buckle up! Oh... Get that cardboard sign ready!


A clear case where his mother was so stupid that she accidentally raised the placenta. What a waste of dumped cum. This fucktard needs to get ass raped by 8 grizzly bears on live TV so that America can cheer. Fuck him.


please listen again: I, too, remember the reagan years as most rememberable ones. But we simply can't turn back the time. The world around us is changing fast so we can grief or just support obama to bring back the glance over the united states of america. Public transport is so extremely important to the welfare of numerous families & students. Why should it be so successfull in asia & europe and the states is still licking his wounds of the dying out republicans?
the past is gone forever.....EMBRACE THE FUTURE!!


Ted your a weak little man unlike you I have served my country I have worked for a living I didnt play the guitar on M TV I can see it in your eyes youve never been in the trenches with the rest of us your the man with out a soul the same gun toting pig hunter you are I hope they raise your taxes if you were a man of god and read the new testament you wouldnt act like such ah there are no words for you my two sons still in the Army are so happy they didnt have to listen to you music while they were in Afganastan one was there for to tours and they both voted for Oboma why they know the right wing American Taliban needed to be put down your like a chicken with its head cut off still running around and it does not know its dead just lay will you


Although Mr. Nugent may be a tad aggressive for some, I truly understand his frustration. The USA has become a country filled with people that feel entitled to the "good life" without working for it themselves. the Dumbocrats have brainwashed and dumbed down this country to the point of supreme idiocy. it is very sad to witness this great country's fall from a super power with super citizens. I appreciate people like Mr. Nugent that have no fear in voicing this unfortunate road we are on and how stupid our people have become.


Romney was wrong! It's was actually 51% of this country that is useless, freeloaders, racist, ENTITLED, lazy, trash! For a single woman to pick abortion and or contraception over jobs- SAYS IT ALL! This country will fall apart- QUICKLY and I will love it! We have already opted out of obamacareless- and who will prop this rest of you useless people up? You are bordering total misery. Many are already flying the flag upside down! You will see that Obama will not follow thru on his promises and as a result you will stay stupid! We will step on you from this day forward! Libya, Obamacare, jobs, unemployment, no more bush tax cut! You will be under a bridge with a sign around your mothers neck that REEDS- WILL SCREW FOR FOOD! This will be better than the election itself! It will happen! But you've always got Gay Marriage? Or Tyrone? Yeah- gonna be Sweet!


This is the loser who calls our service members "blood brothers" after he turned himself into a hobo a month before he was to report to an induction center...then for good measure, crapped his pants on the way in. They threw him out on his ass...just like he wanted. As a veteran who lost friends and family in Vietnam, I'd like 10 minutes in a closed room with this pathetic loser. He would never be my brother, but there would damn sure be blood...his, all over the room.