Paula Broadwell Reported as Mistress of David Petraeus

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Following the shocking news that David Petraeus resigned yesterday as director of the CIA due to an extramarital affair, news outlets have now confirmed the woman at the heart of that scandal:

Paula Broadwell, the former chief of U.S. Central Command's biographer.

Paula Broadwell Picture

A Harvard graduate, Broadwell spent a great deal of time with Petraeus while doing research for "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus."

She wrote and talked about the unlimited access she was granted for the book, which included running in the mountains of Afghanistan with the General.

Broadwell is a native of North Dakota and was valedictorian of her high school. She currently resides in Charlotte with her husband and has two children.

An FBI investigation reportedly uncovered evidence that Broadwell and Petraeus were involved romantically.

The former has yet to make a statement, while the latter handed his letter of resignation to President Obama yesterday.

Petraeus has been married for 37 years and also has two kids with his wife, Holly. He entered civilian life as the head of the CIA in 2011, following nearly four decades as a decorated military officer.


General Petraeus! You're dismissed


Attorney Gen. Eric Holder would have had to sign off on the FBI looking into Petraeus e-mails, possibly even the President. Very curious undertaking?


don't accuse him......everyone has its mistakes in life.


"Unlimited access" was an app term for these interviews. "All In" appears to be an app title as well. Petraeus has, however, served our country well and done nothing criminal. Let the armchair moralist sitting in their comfy safe homes now, tell
us how they would have acted afters a few yrs in the mountains of Nowhere land!


Phonies,Liers,both of them lower than dirt


Shame the mans reputation will be in question. As far as the mistress. White women's reputation, stays intact.


HMM, so now she is going to get famous and make lots of money. she knew he was married so she is the b tch.


WOW, you gives a damn about his having a mistress. he is a wonderful man, knows his job better than anyone,so let him carry on with it. he is brilliant. make him take back his job. WE DON'T CARE. he loves his troops.