Kris Jenner Laughs Off Divorce Rumors

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Sorry, single men over 50: Kris Jenner won't be on the market any time soon.

The mother of Kim Kardashian and kompany appeared yesterday on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and responded to Bruce Jenner divorce rumors, laughing off the chatter that's recently been heating up the Internet.

"That is the most ridiculous…we've been married almost 22 years," Kris said. "We fight all the time. Everybody fights after 21 years, but he kind of stays away, gets to the golf course and tries to stay out of my way."

As for the annual Kardashian Christmas card and whether it will include Kanye West?

"You're just gonna have to wait" and see, Jenner teased.

Spoken like a true Mom-ager.


she just can't cry in front of the cameras.


Jay Leno hits a low having this useless family on. So sad. There is nothing interesting about a family that has no talent. I haven't figured out who has the worst baby voice the kartrashian's or paris...........hhhmmmm....


Tell Kris Jenner that not everyone fight after being together so long. She knows that her marriage is in trouble, because she treats Bruce like a boy. She should remember that he took her up with four children and she had two for him after, he has always been there for her and her children, and I totally disagree with how they all treat him.


Why are these whores given a platform?


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