Kardashian Christmas Card
The Kardashian family wishes everyone a merry Christmas with this card. It's not remotely creepy, is it?

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They all look great.


hi i luv your TV show i love Kendall,Kylie,Kim kourtney, and of course khloe I luv you guys so much you guys are just beautiful and wonderful people in the world from alesha xoxoxox


I LOVE this picture.


LOL I love Chels.......so true! Since they don't have any talent or brains...Kris is pimping out the younger two now since the older three are old hags now!


This picture looks like the Adams Family that's been photo shopped! Creepy!


i love this pic, i always watch keeping up with the kardashian's with my sisters and kim, khloe and kourtney are just like us three and i am a massive fan of you all your all great inspiration to me.


Wow, whoring out the younger daughters too now???


wow...so many things wrong with this pic its hard to know where to start...I guess we will start right and go left...Kourtney looks like a monkey with her hair like that, and are they the black sheep of the family kinda looks like they are being pushed out of the pic...are those 2 huge teal rats on that girls sholders, someone save her please...Khloe looks like she may have crotch itch and getting ready to scratch...they all look soooo pissed off...and the all the way to the left...WHAT A DISASTER!! She looks like a zombie in a bad dress....I really hope this is a joke not a really xmas pic...unless they are spreading the gift of laughter....

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