Justin Bieber Spotted Out AGAIN with Selena Gomez!

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Just one day after Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shared a late-night dinner in New York City - where witnesses say they were giggling and in love - this famous twosome was spotted out again in The Big Apple.

Following his sold-out show at Madison Square Garden (which was attended by a certain redhead prior to the latest Lindsay Lohan arrest) yesterday, Bieber and Gomez stopped by Dave and Buster's in Times Square.

And reportedly had themselves a blast!

Selena Gomez for UNICEF
Justin Bieber at MSG

Justin and Selena walked in "arm in arm," an onlooker tells Us Weekly, prepared to "play a bunch of games." They even rode the venue's indoor roller coaster.


It's rather clear at this point that the couple has reconciled.

They "stole a kiss here and there," the source adds, and "definitely seemed happy and in love and had a great time."

Earlier in the evening, Gomez was one of thousands to watch Bieber perform at the self-proclaimed World's Most Famous Arena. A witness says she just stared at her man throughout the show, "transfixed."

That's so sweet! And only the tiniest bit scary.


i know u haters like to gang up on justin cant u just let them be by the way they are cute together


@veronica. Shame on u she maybe pretty bt don't deserve justin bieber like seriously,he rather date me or any one bt not Selena GE£z girls open ur eyes and imagine u and JB together....mmmmmh!!!Lol lol


justin is a slut in disguse you guys don't know the real him he is just some regular guy from canada who likes to break peoples heart by spilling spahgette all over them and dump you right infront of your fce trust me you guys don't know the real "JUSTIN BIEBER"


aww thats the cutest thing ever


Selena and Justin are the perfect couple


This is a great idea justin bieber. I know how you can make history.


If you haters don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all.leave them alone.


Oh, this is a great Idea Justin Bieber. I know how you can make History, something that i think even Michael Jackson didn't do. Even though he's still way bigger. But, you should try Selling Out Madison Square Garden for every Album Release. That would go down in History, if you ever Sold out each time. Wow. That's a great idea. Also, you should probably Release a Greatest Hits Album. When's that qualified to happen?! Anyway, that's a great idea, for real.


Ugh I hate Selena! I wish Justin broke up with her and just move on 2 find a BEAUTIFUL girl this time!!

@ Denise

Denise u suck ur really shamless don't have manner
didn't ur mum showed u manners or wat.......selena is beautiful oki.......
Shame on u......!!!


she thinks she is ready to start a family.

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