Lindsay Lohan: Charged With FOUR Crimes on Two Coasts, Rejected By Max George!

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Lindsay Lohan may have just set the new high water mark for celebrity train wrecks. She's been hit with FOUR criminal charges on the same day - on different coasts!

Lindsay Lohan at Liz & Dick Movie Premiere

Police in New York City arrested Lindsay Lohan this morning, which we'll get to in a moment. Amazingly, the fight she got into may be the least of her problems.

The Santa Monica City Attorney's Office will charge the celebrity with three crimes in connection with her car accident last June on Pacific Coast Highway:

  1. Giving false information to a peace officer (carrying a sentence of up to 6 months in jail)
  2. Obstructing / resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty (up to a year in jail)
  3. Reckless driving (up to 90 days in jail)

After ramming her Porsche into a big rig on the PCH, the star she lied to cops, telling them she was the passenger in the car when in fact she was the driver.

As a result of those three charges, the judge will likely revoke her probation any day now - for stealing jewelry - and set a hearing to determine her punishment.

One of the conditions of probation is that Lindsay must obey all laws ... LOL.

Then there's this morning, 3,000 miles away in the city that never sleeps.

Lohan punched another woman in the face and got popped for assault. If she's formally charged with that, her probation could also be revoked in a big way.

Max George From The Wanted

Apparently, the brawl at Club Avenue was over Max George (from the boy band The Wanted), who was turned off by the fact that LiLo was sloppy drunk.

Lindsay went to the Justin Bieber concert last night in NYC, but only to see The Wanted, his opening act. Lohan's had a thing for Max these last few days.

Sources say Lindsay tried to get backstage after the concert, but was blocked. Later that evening, Lindsay met up with Max and his boy band mates at the bar.

As the evening wore on, Lindsay got blitzed out of her mind, and it turned Max off. He then started talking to another woman, which enraged Lindsay.

That woman is the one Lindsay Lohan is accused of arguing with and punching.

Hilariously, Max met another girl in the club and went home with her instead.

Lindsay, meanwhile, ended up in the slammer. A day in the life ...



hi beautiful


Very well said FREESPIRIT. we ARE responsible for ourselves. what part of NO don't people understand. mj was always a freak among OTHER things!. ELVIS was a love, but i do wish he was able to find the word NO!!!! this girl WILL do jail time now--finally.............

Lillian mac donald

Sounds like a setup to get some publicity and money for the slappee. Lindsey is a sitting duck for publicity and money. For Lindsey, she should stay to herself and be careful who she allows in her life. She is still the girl "IT", to kick. I should introduce her to the original "IT" girl, so that she can write and produce her own works. She is a true star, up there with Liz, Sophia, Lauren and Gretta. She needs to vant to be alone. Society needs to check themselves, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing and pray for person who has fallen. It is easier to crawl out of a manhole with helping hands, not with garbage, crap and sludge falling on your head. That boy band fellow has his own demons to slay. Love you all,
Enjoy the Season of Beginnings, Lillian Mac Donald
Century 21, Boston


If you had the money she has at the same age, then you'd also "enjoy" it. I sure did and I was poor!


She's a white hot mess. I feel really sorry for her. She had so much talent and promise, but let the "Hollywood" lifestyle dictate her life for her. I had hoped that the latest role of "Liz" would help boost her career, but I've only heard bad reviews. So sad. I pray she can turn her life around before she ends up a statistic like some of the other very talented actors/singers who chose to party and be wild instead of honing their talents and becoming a superstar... God bless LiLo, you really need to take a good hard look in the mirror to see what's happening to you...


i actually feel sorry for her. it is very sad, however, she does get away with things that we would be put away for.


Whoa! Lindsay is the baddest gurl in the world. She's such a badass


Some people simply cannot be taught. She is one of those people, along with her mother, her father, and her sister - just to name a few in that bloodline.


She has had so many probabtion violations it is not even funny, but still she walks and drives outside jail walls. Priceles... Lindsay Lohan Arrested in club assault, Fight with Woman Photos and Arrested Video Here


People really have no idea how celebrities get in the situation like Lindsay's unless you're an MJ fan, you'll know what I'm talking about. From what I see, she's trying to straighten out her life but she's always tempted with her weakness and then the plan is put into action to make it look like she's a loser and I don't believe she is. These celebrities that are dying due to drugs and something related, you have to know it's all a set up. I mean look at what they did to Michael Jackson, they tried to make him look like a eccentric by putting temptation in front of him like the little kid that he was and the plan always worked so that this way people would start saying negative lies about him or start hating on him cause of the jealous people couldn't stand to see someone so powerful in this world who in his heart was trying to teach the world the most simplest thing that we all really want and need and that would be love. That's why he was murdered because you can't make money off of peace, but you can make alot of money off a dead celeb and it looks as if that's what they're planning for LIndsey. Sure she can get drunk, but who tempted her from the start and so on and so on. It's the way of the celebrity life. Brittney Spears caught on to what was going on and understand why she shaved her head, I would have to if I had found out they were trying to hurt me. People dont' realize the dangers that really go on behnd closed doors in the t.v. and music world and if you did, you would walk away from music and movies. Find on youtube on this interview as to why Dan Rather walked of the set a few years back and you'll somewhat understand what I'm talking about but when I saw that interview, I couldn't believe in so many words how he admitted what we all know and these people will kill you if you exposed them. So if I were you, I would be a little more nicer on your comments about any celebrity that has to put up with alot, some know what's going on and others have no clue. Michael was ahead of the game until AEG tempted him with a comeback concert which he first turned down but then later changed his mind for his fans and seeing that Murray was part of the plan, it made it easier to kill him off after 17 years of trying. That's what the allegations were abaout, it was to of coarse have him lose his fans which he didn't but mainly to have him lose his fame and all his money that he earned since practically birth. And you know the saddest part about these people I'm talking about, alot of them are from the Vatican. So if you're Catholic, don't go to another Church cause they control that too, just go to Church for God, Jesus and the blessed Mary and ignore the rest. Anyways, sorry if I got a bit on the religious side but at the same time, Priests, nuns, Bishops and etc are only human and like any human can also be very tempted but at the same time will have to answer to a hgher power regarding their behaviour. It would be the more wiser to those who get caught up with the celebrity life to pay more attention to what I call The Pattern. I feel that Lindsay has alot to offer but at the same time there's alot of minuplation going on without her knowledge. Now whether you want to believe me or not is up to you just please don't judge me on what I do know and what I have seen up front with my own two eyes. OK! so let's change the subject and let's enjoy the season of Christmas and may you all have a wonderful holiday and a safe New Year. ; )'

@ kitten

We are all responsible for our own actions. It does not matter what others do to "tempt" us. The only person we can control is ourselves and each of us make our own choices. Lindsay has made hers. It is very easy to blame others for our mistakes but very hard sometimes to take personal responsibility. Lindsay made choices. And they come with consequences. There is no big conspiracy out there to get her or anyone else. They simply have to face the consequences of their actions like we all must. Put simply, don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

@ kitten

We're ALL tempted. The thing is, the vast majority of us learn from our mistakes, and that helps us rise above the temptations. Thank God!!!
Too bad the Lohan family isn't among those who can learn from their mistakes. It would save them so much grief, and would save the various justice systems in the areas they frequent a great deal of money.

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