Jenelle Evans: Engaged to Courtland Rogers!

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Teen Mom 2 train wreck Jenelle Evans is engaged! Again!

She and Courtland Rogers are tying the knot supposedly.

Jenelle Evans, Courtland Rogers

Last night, following an enthralling Teen Mom 2 episode which saw her on the brink of heading to jail for violating probation ... she announced that she and Courtland Rogers are engaged.

She showed off the ring - and offered some cryptic details:

"I know we've been dating for two months but there's a reason behind it and I'm not telling the reason," she said on UStream ... later adding that she's not pregnant.

That's something of a surprise ... and probably for the best.

Jenelle Evans was previously engaged to Gary Head, and in an on-again, off-again, frequently violent relationship with that drain on society Kieffer Delp.

The father of her son Jace is her ex, Andrew Lewis. Probably.

Girl has had her share of ups and downs, for sure, and one wonders if rushing into another engagement is really what she needs. Guess time will tell on that.

Anyway, congratulations to Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers on their big, surprising news! Tell us in the poll below: How long do you think it will last?


I'm going just say Bless you, want to start on a positive note Janelle its hard being a mother period.. However even harder to be a teenage mother who is on camera, and is showing how difficult it is to have a child knowing u still one! Now that is said I do not accept how u are on the show. Yeah ok your young want to enjoy ur teenage years and yes u should but when u become a parent that life and selfishness ends.. You need to think of ur son and not once on the show I seen u put Him first!! You chosed Drugs, friends no Good boyfriend Kiefer and hanging out instead.. You should be grateful and most appriective to your Mother who has been there for him and rasing him for you that whole time while u doing you.. You 18 maybe 19 now may you put ur priorities in check Getting married wasn't the best thing for you to Do at the moment, getting ur son and fixing ur relationship with your mother and getting ur life back in order should of been first and foremost! To many ppl use there up bringing and how ther were raise as an excuse to how they become as an adult and I think its a poor and sad to hold that way of thinking for so long as a cop out... I'm not here to point a finger which it clearly looks that way and oh well.. I'm sharing "My Opinion" as a teenager herself had my first at 17 and now she will be 16 in March, and don't know how life will play out only God knows however I would not and will not enable her to do what's she knows is wrong if she became pregnant at this age she just like myself would take pure Responsibility for her action just like many other teenage mothers out there. I'm going to end it right here and leave it like this I hope u get urself on track and become the mother you knw u can be leave all the non-sense behind Janelle... Just because U gave birth to him does not make u a Mother, a Mother is someone there day in and day out. Morning, Noon and night giving love, teaching love and spending quality time. Just know you need to learn and start doing that.. Hope this marriage last longer than that money you have.. When money is gone so will he!!! Goodbye..


Such a skanky druggie.....

Kellie m

She says there is a reason for them getting married...I'm betting that if she isn't really pregnant then it is because she thinks that getting married will keep her out of jail...she would be wrong.


This bimbo is with a different guy every week....unless she is in jail or rehab. Give me a break. She doesn't know the meaning of commitment or motherhood. The only thing she is committed to is smoking pot and posting EVERYTHING on facebook.


Lock that bottom feeding, ho bag, drain on society up and throw away the key. White trash Kardashian wanna-be.


Lock that bottom feeding, ho bag, disease to society, loser up !

@ John Conners

Kim K is white trash herself....well at this point she is practically black from all the injections...just sayin. But no one wants to be her. Gross.


I heard this is done already. She posted on facebook. I am done. She is looking for a new apt. This show must run behind.

@ mom2

Yes the show is filmed like 6-8 months prior to it airing.


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@ suneja1112

Oh, go away with your dumbscams.

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