Dump Trump: Macy's Customers Petition to Fire The Donald

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Donald Trump is usually at home in the middle of controversy, but probably wishes he could extricate himself from this mess; over 470,000 people have signed a petition for Macy’s to fire him.


While residents of 20 states petition to secede from the U.S., many more Macy's customers are urging the retailer to cut ties with the real estate tycoon immediately.

Hosted by SignOn (dot) org, the petition says Macy's should axe Trump because he is sexist, racist, a denier of climate change science and not “socially responsible.”

“The list goes on, but the point remains, Macy’s should dump Trump,” it reads.

Although the petition’s intro doesn’t mention it, The New York Times reported that the effort was sparked by Macy’s recently shooting a commercial with Trump.

In the ad, Trump doesn't believe Santa is real and tugs his beard to make sure - a knock at Trump’s obsession with President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Trump attempted to insert himself into the 2012 election more than a few times, most recently with a lame PR stunt urging Obama to be more transparent.

That, and general obnoxiousness, have caused his image to take a bit of a hit.

By Tuesday morning, the Macy's petition had gained upwards of 471,000 signatures, with the great hashtag #DumpTrump gaining popularity on Twitter.

Hundreds of people were passing around the link to the petition in hopes of getting the department store to change its mind about its relationship with Trump.

Macy's had reportedly planned on expanding its line of Trump-related products (shirts and ties) and its partnership with his organization in general.

How will the company handle this? It's unclear, but as the Dump Trump campaign continues to go viral, they probably have to respond somehow.


He is really a scarey joke!!!!


Macy's was one of my favorite stores, but if they do not denounce Mr. Trumps products I will never shop there again. Besides all of his products are made overseas. Makes me wonder if he is a real American??


Dump the chump trump hes a big phoney I wont shop macys untill hes OUT


I guess only LIBERALS are entitled to freedom of speech! (this is your claim!?) Macy's should axe Trump because he is sexist, racist, a denier of climate change science and not “socially responsible.” I guess he is racist because he didn't like a black president, a sexist because? and a climate change DENIER!! omg, what about the millions of other americans who are denying science??? Move on ladies, time to go pick up your free birth control.

@ nancy

So its okay to be racist? Its okay to be sexist? And its okay to not care about the earth that we live on? Tell how it feels to be so fucking wrong when you're done reading this.


This man is a menace and an embarrassment. I'm trying to figure out why anyone is interested in anything he does. Macy*s is a respectable store, and I can't believe he hasn't been dropped yet. I will stop shopping there, and Christmas is coming. That could be a big loss.


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