Barack Obama Birth Certificate Released; Donald Trump Immediately Takes Credit

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The White House has released Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate.

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    I do not think Obama was born in Hawaii. I had two children in Hawaii born in 1962 and 1965. Neither certificate looks like his. Their certificates look exactly the same.


    I'm sure you all have watched a magic act? While the magician waves one hand, and he's attractive assistant struts across the stage distracting you, he executes his trick with his other hand. Ponder this: What was happening while everybody was arguing about the birth certificate?

    You are losing your country and most of you don't even realize it, or care.


    I believe that old age and senility is creeping in on Trump,and he is Not listening to what he is saying. He is just talking loud and saying Nothing.He has No platform,he just comes out every day with a different complaint and No answers to solve problems that are in the lives of everyday people. Everything with him is on a grand scale of talking about other countries like China when the majority of the manufactured clothing and ware that he is selling with his Trump label comes from China. Dare I even mention the fact that his wife is foreign born,but yet he outrageously questioned the birthplace and education of The President. Tired of Trash Talking Trump!!


    Race card being played again. Typical.


    Why is the address of the hospital different than the birth certificate of Susan Nordyke, one of a set of twins who were born at the Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu on August 5, 1961. Obama CLAIMS to have been born on August 6th. Therefore, this certificate form is EXACTLY THE SAME as what would have been generated for Obama.

    The address of the SAME hospital is different! AND there are two signatures for the certification of Nordyke vs Obama, only has one!

    I think this is a fraud.


    by all indications Trump is going through a mid life crisis, and evidently Needs to have his meds adjusted. No one who has an ounce
    of sanity would keep placing their rhetoric out there in the political arena and then take credit for being a catalyst for such an uproar as he has continued to do. For years there was an aura of mystery about Trump even through he was famous for his inflated ego. He waited all these years and Now he has become a bully and a member of the fool of the month club. Working around all those bickering celebrity apprentices has taken its toll on Trump. He Needs to get a life, and get over his obsession with President Obama.


    Obama is losing face. He is afraid right now. Hoping that this release of he BC will bring his poll rating up


    Sad day in America when a black man is force to show his papers. This is not slavery times or is it. Esp since Trump wife is not even American. If he cares so much about America he show have married an American woman. Sick Sick Sick.


    I agree with freespirit and Sam.
    This crap has been ridiculous since the beginning.
    Obviously Obeezy has been an American since the beginning, and even if he wasn't, WHO CARES?!


    hmmm....Don't you think the Us government has the resources to make the president another birth certificate? I really don't care if he was born in China but if everyone else does, don't you think he can get one that says anywhere he wants?

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