Dancing With the Stars Results: The Winner Is ...

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Melissa Rycroft. Shawn Johnson. Kelly Monaco.

The fall season of Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars came down to tonight, with the Olympic gymnast and soap opera star seeking their second Mirror Ball.

Did they add to their trophy case? Or did The Bachelor winner enter the winner's circle for the first time after entering part two of the finale as a slight favorite?

Dancing With the Stars Finalists!

Based on Monday's Dancing With the Stars scores, Melissa held a narrow edge, but all have been so consistently solid, America couldn't really get it wrong.

Or could we? After one final performance and tens of millions of votes, the final Dancing With the Stars results show of 2012 is in the books. Your winner is ...

Melissa Rycroft and partner Tony Dovolani!

With the competitors getting their dance-style instructions less than an hour before hitting the floor Tuesday, the field was soon whittled down to two couples.

Kelly Monaco was eliminated, leaving Shawn Johnson and Melissa Rycroft.

In the end, it was Melissa who brought home the title in a tight race.

Amid showering confetti, the former Bachelor star and Dovolani clutched the trophy; he had labored through 14 seasons without previously winning it.

What do you think? Did the right woman win? Comment and tell us below:

Do you agree with tonight's Dancing With the Stars finale results?


Shawn was a past champion and belonged in the competition and was clearly the better dancer. Everyone was shocked and didn't even acknowlege Melissa at first. Melissa shouldn't have been allowed to compete as she was not a champion or runner up.


I was totally for Melissa and Tony. Tony did a great job, coming up with new steps, and Melissa did a great job performing them. Derek and Shawn were good, but did too many acrobatics, not ball room dancing. Congratulations to Melissa & Tony!!


Kelly & Val did not get the recognition that Melissa & Shawn got, but I am very, very. happy that Tony & Melissa won. Tony is not a show off like some of the other pros and some of u fans need bifocals to see this.


Guit crying everyone. The right dancers won. Tony and Melissa deserved to win. And for those who say tony is out of his league??? What are you thinking? He is as good as any of the other male pro dancers. He just doesn't show off. He,s humble like Louie. And as for me I am happy,happy happy for both of them.


come on people the voting is suppose to be on how the person dances not on if they had won before or if a pro hadn't won be for. its clear the judges had there favorite from the beginning. I new from the beginning who was going to win and the judges made sure of it. they need to get some new judges


First of all you cant talk about the pro's. They are assigned by the luck of the draw. The star has to win on their own merits. There was a lot of contraversy over Shawn winning over Geels and Melisa the first time. The show is basically to be judged on the basis of a balroom dancing competition, not braodway play acting or gymnastics. Melisa is the clear winner when you look at her pure dance moves, Shawn throws in a lot of gymnastics that don't belong in a ballroom and it makes her a better performer or entertainer , but not a better dancer.


It's funny that people think it was fixed, because there are just as many people on here cheering for Melissa than Shawn. Someone hit the nail on the head- my mom wanted Melissa cuz she had never won. That is why a lot of people voted for her. Get over it, the rules of the show state America chooses, and they did. Look at THG poll-- more people chose that Melissa should've won.


Carrie-Ann and Len have said it repeatedly -- the real purpose of the show is to entertain. They are hypocrites because they gave Derek and Shawn low marks for the twice-performed jive, hiding behind "the rules" while praising the high-octane and thrilling performance. Why can't we judge the judges? Entertainment achieves lofty goals when it leaves you wanting more -- Derek and Shawn always left the audience wanting more. When Melissa and Kelly left the dance floor, we are not impatient for their return -- too much jiggle, barely any artistry, and vacuous personalities. Jiggle is not lofty entertainment because it can be found everywhere.

@ Jim

Melissa won because of the peoples' votes, AND the Judges were partial to her. I was glad only for Tony. She is a media whore; always placing herself strategically in front of the camera; and she never acknowledged her husband and child like the others did. She was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, so she had plenty of dance instruction! She definitely played up the injuries and she miraculously healed after the drama of possibly not being able to dance. The walking out of practice through the rabbit hole door with her back to the camera was a winning performance, too. PUULLEEZE. AND, what's with her outfit bottoms down to her v-jay jay? Their impromptu samba was the same steps as their first samba, so that was nothing to get a high score over. Kelly and Val should have never received 10s for their foul up on their dance; but you can't fault them because they came in third. However, Sabrina should have been one of the top 3. Shawn and Derek showed class and originality and I appreciated their attitude the entire time. They were the best dancers. However, the people have voted; and that is how this works. We have to go by that. AND, if you didn't vote; you cannot complain. I voted. Thanks for reading. Respectfully submitted.


I believe Shawn should of one but I am very happy with Melissa winning :) Tony Dovolani I happy because he never won so I happy overall


I,too, feel Derek and Shawn should have won, and that perhaps there is some type of fix. I regret, though, that Derek and Shawn did not do the "Titanic" rumba instead of repeating the jive. That rumba was the most moving dance Derek has ever performed, and he brought out the vulnerability in Shawn. Tweak it a bit by adding the few rumba moves Len wants, and leave in the "catch". By doing the jive instead, Derek and Shawn gave the trophy away and gave the judges the rationale for any fix.

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We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

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